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More Peace in the Middle East – Trump Negotiates a Deal with Israel and Bahrain

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The Trump administration has just completed another Middle Eastern Peace deal just weeks after the Israel United Arab Emirates (UAE) announcement. The Crown Prince of Bahrain will be in DC on Monday to officially normalize relations between his nation and the Jewish State.

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And don’t forget this.


Just last week, Trump announced agreements in principle for Kosovo to recognize Israel and for Serbia to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


That’s the primarily Muslim Kosovo and the mostly Christian Serbia, who have themselves made diplomatic advances, setting aside deep differences between them thanks to the Trump Administration’s diplomatic efforts.

All announced in under 30-days and I doubt Trump is done. We were promised other deals, and Sudan and Oman are both rumored to be ready to move forward and recognize Israel or at least move toward more normal relations.

Bumbling Trump and his family, lead by Jared Kushner, are breaking down the barriers to peace in the Middle East after decades of experts had failed. And no UN needed. How did he do it?

He had a plan, released in January of this year, and it was bold and different, and the Democrats hated it. For a quick whos-who of for and against, look here. But more importantly, Mr. Trump applied pressure where it needed to be applied. On Iran.

For decades we’ve been appeasing the Palestinians on one side and Iran on the other. The terrorist proxies, backed by Iran, use the Palestinian question to justify perpetual war with the Jews. Trump stopped trying to appease them, which is smart because all they wanted from America was to abandon their ally Israel.

Trump did the opposite.

He not only said America was an ally to Israel he proved it. He recognized Jerusalem and announced that the US is moving the embassy there. He stood up to Iran pulled the plug on Obama’s Iran Deal.  He went after the proxy-leadership, taking out, among others, Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani and Revolutionary Guard Commander General Siamand Mashhadani. He gave US navy vessels permission to take out harassing Iranians gunboats. Trump also invoked serious sanctions on Iran and told our allies he wasn’t kidding. If and when they tried to skip around them there would sanctions for them as well.

All while the Iranian people protest and demand change for within. Pressure from all sides. It has weakened Iran’s influence and encouraged Arab states to embrace the economic benefits of normal relations with a stable, prosperous market economy in Israel and a more stable the Middle East.

Of course, Iran now says it has missiles that will reach America and not just passenger planes headed to Ukraine. And we have missiles to shoot down their missiles.

And have you noticed? No attacks on US soil and fewer large terror attacks globally. I doubt that this is a coincidence.

Do you know what has increased? Domestic terror by Democrat party proxies on American soil. The same people opposed the plan that is producing all this peace ‘springing up’ around the Middle East. And the guy who wants to stop those also happens to be Donald Trump. And if you reelect him in November, he’ll probably do that too.

And maybe round up some of the Democrat ring leaders and their money men as well.