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This Stuff Needs a Big Double Flush

The New Hampshire Legislature, United States Congress, and, in particular, the Executive Branch of this Country are loaded to the gump stump with years of so-called experience, which in and of itself is a problem.

NH Constitution

Violating The Rights of the People of New Hampshire

The people of this State need to contact their representatives and demand that these three questions be presented by Both Chambers of the legislature and submitted to the NH Supreme Court for an advisory opinion under the Constitution of NH Part II Article 74.

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After Brutal 2020, Tax Hikes Could Loom for N.H. Businesses in 2021

The House on Thursday rejected a Republican proposal to prevent significant business tax increases that are likely to hit on January 1. Unless legislators act between now and the end of the year, New Hampshire businesses that survive 2020 should prepare to begin paying higher tax rates in 2021.