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Gov. Sununu Vetoes NH Democrat’s Arbitrary Job Killing Wage Mandate

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Is Governor Sununu making Democrats cry? First, he shoots down their effort to make us more like crime-riddled Baltimore and Chicago. Now he’s refused to turn us into Seattle or New York.  He Vetoed the Left’s arbitrary job-killing wage hike mandate.

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“The minimum wage increase would have been disastrous for New Hampshire small businesses and employees; Governor Sununu was absolutely right in vetoing it. Increasing the cost of labor decreases the ability for low-skilled and entry level workers to a job where they can begin to develop their skills. We have a booming economy and a competitive labor force, and Granite State employers are looking everywhere for new employees to fill vacancies. Arguments made by Democrats that this mandated wage increase is necessary are made in bad faith; Governor Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans are fighting for a strong economy that truly works for everyone.”

We’ve been over this more than a few times. And if you missed any of them look here. Arbitrary wage hikes skew the market to the detriment of the people their advocates claim they are trying to help. Everywhere it has been tried.

So, thank you, governor. New Hampshire’s economy, job creators, and employees are managing this matter on their own without meddling from State Government. 

Let’s do our best to support the Governor and encourage our reps to trust the people of New Hampshire and to sustain his veto of SB 10.