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American’s for Prosperity – NH Releases its 2019 NH Legislative Scorecard

Every year American Prosperity New Hampshire releases a scorecard. It’s a comprehensive look at how your State Representatives voted on a specific set of key issues. And this year’s report is now available.

As it notes in the scorecards preface, they don’t score every vote. 

Rather, the focus of this Score Card is to consider the most important votes cast in priority issue areas that impact our society, such as taxes and spending, health care, educational opportunity, worker freedom, regulation, free speech, property rights, ending cronyism and having a criminal justice system that focuses on rehabilitation.

I asked AFP-NH State Director Greg Moore for comment.

“Americans for Prosperity uses our annual legislative scorecard as a tool to let Granite Staters know how those that represent them in Concord performed in embracing the ‘Live Free or Die’ spirit that has made our state a beacon of liberty nationally. We score issues that contribute to advancing a free and open society and that remove barriers to opportunity.

“The scorecard itself should be the beginning of a discussion that allows readers to engage their House and Senate members and talk about the importance of strengthening the New Hampshire Advantage and improving the lives of citizens by expanding their chances to achieve success. It’s critical that constituents remind their elected officials about the need to embrace our freedoms.

“For the first time, AFP issued Key Vote Alerts to indicate bills that might be included in our scorecard, so there should not be any surprises when legislators see their grades. It’s also probably not a coincidence that we now have the most award winners we’ve ever had.”

The Democrat majority in our New Hampshire legislature has done something useful. It looks similar to some of what we are seeing in DC. Republicans are not just lining up together; they are doing what we sent them to their respective bodies to do. Protect us from the regulatory abuse and overreach by the government (the Federal budget, excepted).

And while that’s a good thing to see, the real test comes when we give them back the majority (hint-hint). Can they manage to adhere to the same unity and higher standards when they control the committees and the agenda as when they do not?

History suggests not, but armed with grades and scores from groups like AFP, the NHHRA, and NHLA you are equipped to confront them about that (now, and later). Will you continue to vote the way you did as a minority member?

We’d love to hear their responses.

Here’s the Scorecard, or you can view or download it here.

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