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Kelly Ayotte

The Cost When Principle and Policy No Longer Matter

We continue with RLCNH chair Aaron Day on his threatened third party challenge to NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte, the failure of Medicaid/ObamaCare, and the cost to New Hampshire if the Republican State legislature reauthorizes expansion.    

Will Sen. Ayotte Pay a Price For Meddling?

NH Senator Kelly Ayotte meddled in the race for NH Speaker of the House. As a result, moderate Republican leadership took command with plans to extend Medicaid Expansion. One local activist has a plan to make her pay a  political price.  

November 21st, 2015

This weeks guests are Aaron Day, on his threatened third party challenge to NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Roger Wilkins from Concerned Veteran for America talks VA reform. And refugee resettlement investigative journalist Jim Simpson is back to talk Syrian refugees and the larger refugee resettlement agenda.  

Kelly Ayotte Went “Washington”

In Part II of our conversation with Bill O’Brien we explore how NH Senator Kelly Ayotte ran as a conservative but quickly demonstrated (once elected) that what “Washington” wants comes before campaign promises, GOP Platforms, or even the US Constitution.  

Ending Sen. Ayotte’s Republican Reign of Error

Bill O’Brien joins us to talk about last weeks meeting of grassroots activists; they are looking for a single Republican candidate to primary NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte. We discuss why she can’t win the General and how she got here from there–after running in 2010 under the Tea Party banner.

Hassan vs Ayotte

Is Gov. Hassan going to challenge Kelly Ayotte for a US Senate seat in NH? If not, who? And what about Kelly and the new PAC that has risen to support her called “Commitments Kept”?  

GrokTALK! “J-Ho Must Go”

George Lambert announces his campaign to organize a special meeting of party voting delegates who will be asked to defend the abuses and usurpations of their leadership or replace the party Chair.  We also talk about how Senator Kelly Ayotte’s meddling comes with a political price, and how the NH GOP is chasing the Massachusetts …

GrokTALK! “J-Ho Must Go” Read More »

GrokTALK! June 6th, 2015

Former Speaker Bill O’Brien Co-hosts along with Skip and Steve with guests George Lambert, and Jane Cormier.    

Monkey Business

How about a judge giving legal rights to Chimpanzees in a US court of law? “Where would you stick it?” Cigars for Hillary.  Kelly McAyotte rubber-stamping the Loretta Lynch nomination.  And while we’re there, we revisit why Republican leadership in congress is shaping up to be the GOP’s worst enemy.