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Blogline of the Day – Equity over Freedom

Black Lives Matter rioting is the French Revolution attacking the American Revolution. Remember – Equity is just another word for racial quotas. Freedom is the word that means YOU choose for you and not someone else.

Karl Marx

The Left and the Rise of Marxism

Is it a case of ordained fate we cannot escape or is it that We the People are too dense to learn from our own mistakes? Paging through humanity’s history, time, and again we find numerous instances of costly mistakes where people ignore facts and reason by entrusting their lives to a “savior.”

This is a rather sick joke, eh?

If it wasn’t for Engels, Marx would have gone belly up – and over a hundred million people last century might not have died because of his political ideology might not have become widespread. That said, this is a cruel joke but even now (just watch pretty much any of the Democrat Prez wannabees spending …

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von Mises vs Marx: “Freedom” vs “Total Control”

Me: “Let me decide for myself.”  Bernie-Bros (and the rest of the current den of Democrat Prez Wannabees: “We’ll decide from on high because you’re too stupid”.  Freedom vs enforced “equality”.  Self-interest vs Faux Moral Superiority.  Individualism vs serfdom. How will you vote?  Me?  With Mises: (H/T: Cafe Hayek)

So, how is Karl Marx linked directly to the modern Democrat Party?

Presto!  Multiple links!  And remember, Political Correctness is simply Cultural Marxism: And they call TEA Party folks “radical”??  Only from the perspective in that we refuse to submit to Marxism.  Hey Collin, care to comment?  Wanna dispute any of this?  I do have a question for you, Collin – didn’t they miss the SEIU when …

So, how is Karl Marx linked directly to the modern Democrat Party? Read More »