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Blogline of the Day – Equity over Freedom


Black Lives Matter rioting is the French Revolution attacking the American Revolution.

Remember – Equity is just another word for racial quotas. Freedom is the word that means YOU choose for you and not someone else.

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To wit (emphasis mine):

Marxism and Darwinism are joined at the hip, as Hannah Arendt recognized in The Origins of Totalitarianism. In Wesley J. Smith’s phrase, in the present cultural moment, we have witnessed “the French Revolution attacking the American Revolution.” Back in June I predicted to my family that the Revolution would, before long, turn on the great monuments like those to Thomas Jefferson. Of course it would. Yesterday, my prediction was borne out.

In retrospect, it’s not surprising that the first idea to find its head on the guillotine would be intelligent design. The idea of design, the heart of the American “consensus,” its hardest “hard core,” was the leading truth that Jefferson enunciated in the Declaration. Naturally, it had to be the first to go.

And that old phrase that Conservatives have, “that eventually the Left eats its own” is coming true in that Charles Darwin and all of his discoveries and philosophies are now under attack because he “perpetuated colonialism“.

Please, PLEASE, now do Karl Marx, he WAS a racist, and misogynist, after all!

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