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Erasing History

Mt Rushmore

The good-little-leftists are marching forward, changing history to suit their needs. How much longer before you notice, that next they’ll be coming after you and me.

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The Republican Attorneys General Association has released an ad on the subject, Erasing history

The ad, “Erasing History,” shows the presidents on Mount Rushmore disappearing, one by one, as vandals tarnish monuments to each of those presidents, and as “America the Beautiful” plays somberly in the background. The ad appears to be a tribute to an America not just under siege but actively being dismantled by roving bands of rioters set on damning the entire American project as an exercise in oppression.

“‘Erasing History’ is a poignant reminder about the dangers of the current ‘cancel culture,’ the threat to our nation and the rule of law posed by anarchists and lawless liberals,” RAGA Executive Director Adam Piper said in a statement. “The 2020 election will be a referendum on law and order – and the choice is clear.”

“Americans who want to protect their freedom, history, and the rule of law will vote for Republican AGs,” Piper argued, claiming that Republican attorneys general stand in “stark contrast to Democrats, complicit with today’s cancel culture and various attempts to erase Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln from our history books.”

We should pay attention. This isn’t just a bunch of left-wing punks, not letting a crisis go to waste, especially in the broader context. The Education industrial complex has already “erased” or rewritten vast swaths of American history to program future generations to hate their own country.

The 1619 project is taking that out a whole new door.

These people are dangerous, and if the bulk of Americans, most of whom pay as little attention to as possible, are not activated or energized against this movement to erase America, they will. Erase it.

And not just the true history, but anyone who dares to remember it.