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Let it Be, Beatles

My Gender Bender Bathroom Reboot of the Beatles ‘Let it Be’

I confess that I am struck (at times) by the strangest sorts of inspiration. Take this little tangent for example. The song Let it Be is playing in the background. I’m listening to the words for the umpteen-millionth time and without invitation, the Left’s gender confusion bathroom obsession leaps to the front of my consciousness.

Julian Edelman white privilege?

Palate Cleanser: #MuseumBowl

Just when I was all done with the hype for the upcoming Patriots game, here come the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, engaging in first-class trash talking. Get thee to Twitter and search for #MuseumBowl. The tweets there have made my day. Five rings are better than …

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