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The Technological Golden Calf

I first picked up the classic scifi book Dune by Frank Herbert when I was in high school, and only at my father’s insistence. 

Sununu - don't need no stinkin constitution

Notable Quote – Calling Gov. Sununu! Calling Gov. Sununu

Humility not required, it seems: … I have never met an advocate of government intervention who did not admit, inadvertently, his own capacity for commissariat functions. He always has a plan, to which others must submit, and his certainty that the plan will produce the contemplated results does not permit him to brook criticism. Always …

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Trump Derangement Syndrome Rehab

Who Gets the “L” … LOSER this election

Who gets the “L” for LOSER in this election? There was no blue wave. That is simply the result. The presidential election remains a coin toss. Contested vote counts seem likely to turn the process of sorting it out into a legal battle.

Journalistic Hubris

We continue with the Media research Center’s Dan Gainor on how the media handles the Global Warming debate and journalistic hubris in general.