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The Technological Golden Calf


I first picked up the classic scifi book Dune by Frank Herbert when I was in high school, and only at my father’s insistence. 

I struggled through it, and literally in the second I finished it I went back and started it again.  Having read it once I now had enough context to read it again and understand a lot more.  I now read it again every year or so and, remarkably, I still find new thoughts stirred up even by passages I have read many times.  It is one of my TOP FIVE scifi books I’ve ever read.

Towards the end there is a scene where Stilgar, one of the protagonist Paul’s friends, mentors, and at the time of the scene I am recalling a key right-hand man, hears Paul’s commenting about rain on his birth world – a water-rich world nearly-diametric opposite the desert planet Arrakis where he now is – and repeats, almost chants, Water from the sky! with worshipful tones.  He had, noted Paul, become a creature of the Kwisatz Haderach, the prophesized messiah.


In my email I get daily digests of articles from multiple STEM sources.  In one digest was this article, The mRNA revolution: How COVID-19 hit fast-forward on an experimental technology, that discusses the Jab’s mRNA technology in what I feel are equally similar, near worshipful, tones.  For example, in discussing applications without end:

Viral vaccines and new cancer therapeutics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential for mRNA therapies. Al-Wassiti says these targets are “low-hanging fruit,” with pre-existing research easily built upon. Auto-immune diseases, metabolic diseases, and respiratory inflammatory diseases all present novel opportunities for mRNA interventions. Even gene editing therapies such as CRISPR could be improved using mRNA technology.

We are playing with the very fire of earthly life itself, with little clue as to the long-term potential effects or consequences.  The article concludes with starry-eyed enthusiasm for this technology:

Eighteen months ago the amount of humans administered with synthetic mRNA therapies numbered in the thousands. Now, that number is in the hundreds of millions. The technology has presented humanity with a pathway out of the worst pandemic in a century, and potentially this is only just the beginning of the mRNA therapy story.

We are constantly assured that mRNA cannot affect the base DNA of our cells.  Yet there is that possibility – in my own line of work it is not just the possibility that something could happen that must be weighed, but the possibility times the consequences.  See this; Rewriting your DNA:

Returning to our first linked article above – researchers at Harvard and MIT seem to have discovered that it is indeed possible for coronavirus mRNA to rewrite your own DNA. The researchers were puzzled about why patients were still testing positive for coronavirus months after getting over the disease.

The answer was not that they were seeing false positives. Instead, it turned out that the tests were detecting true coronavirus DNA written into the patients’ own DNA by a process called reverse transcription.

Yet these concerns are glibly dismissed.  I can just feel the oozing awe at technology here.  Awe, with no trepidation, at the thought of being injected with synthesized genetic material.


In an interesting piece in National Review from a few years ago, the potential effects of The Pill are discussed (links in the original):

[M]y female students were never told that the Pill scrambles the sensory messages that they subconsciously detect with their sense of smell: The hormones in the Pill make them more attracted to men with immune systems similar to their own. Those scrambled signals mean falling in love with a man while taking the Pill is risky. If the couple marries and tries to have children, the woman will have somewhat higher odds of repeated miscarriages and perhaps of having more-vulnerable offspring.

My wife, whose sense of smell rivals a bloodhound, once said she knew the moment we met I was The One… because of my smell (the OBGYN asked about our clearly dissimilar backgrounds and recommended cord blood storage, which we did). The Pill also shows psychiatric impacts:

[A] study conducted by the University of Copenhagen of more than one million women over the course of 13 years confirmed a significant link between hormonal contraceptives and depression. Women taking combined oral contraceptives were 23 per cent more likely to be treated for it; those on the progestogen-only pill (known as the mini-pill) were 34 per cent more likely. Teens taking the combined pill were discovered to be at greatest risk, with an 80 per cent increased likelihood of being prescribed antidepressants.

And never mind The Pill and it’s potential effects as listed above.  When you take The Pill you are more confident in not getting pregnant and thus likelier to engage in barrier-free “encounters”.  Is that why this is happening: “What Are the Symptoms of Chlamydia” Most Googled Sex Question as STDs Soar:

Sexually transmitted diseases hit a record high for the sixth straight year, with CDC researchers finding a 30 per cent increase in STDs from 2015 to 2019.

According to the latest data, 2.5 million Americans had either chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis infections in 2019, with chlamydia cases rising 61 per cent and gonorrhea cases spiking 42 per cent among young people aged 15 to 24.

Meanwhile, early data on searches for 2021 indicates that more relationships are breaking down, with queries for “What is ghosting?” having doubled between November 2020 and February this year.

Maybe all that promiscuous, STD riddled, sexual degeneracy has got something to do with it.

When you believe you have a safety net – in this case against unwanted conception (or infanticide as a backup plan) – you tend to behave more recklessly.  I can just feel the oozing awe at technology here.  Awe, with no trepidation, messing with chemical cycles-within-cycles that developed over countless eons, never mind child sacrifice. With multiple negative consequences.



A few years ago I was listening to a radio show – essentially a two-hours long infomercial for a local financial advisory & investment house – in which the Internet of Things was being discussed in the context of, specifically, connected (and even self-driving) cars.  There was gushing praise for this with no sense of fear of possible hacking of control or navigation systems, a digital intrusion that has been shown to be possible and demonstrated by multiple white-hat hackers.  In parallel, on the same show but a different day, was an “isn’t this KEWL” discussion of the potential ability of your smart phone to track your location, real-time, and broadcast this to your friends via updates and interactive maps.

There was not even a scintilla of discussion of the possible threats to privacy – let alone health and safety/security – of such developments.

I can just feel the oozing awe at technology here.  Awe, with no trepidation, at the possibility of having control of your car seized by someone else while on the road at speed, having your precise location known and broadcast, let alone your moving-around-the-house and daily schedule on the web.  Not to mention the Smart Fridge and Smart Oven knowing your eating habits.



In my first post on this blog I discussed what I believe with certainty is the plan to use Covid and the pathological push to get this “vaccine” into every living human as a prelude to & trigger for a genocide that dwarfs – in both absolute numbers and percentage – any done before in our species’ sad history.  And one of the reasons I am sure is behind this manic push to jab everyone now-now-now is the globalists’ fear that natural mutations may trigger this mass die-off while there are still significant numbers of vaccine resisters.  Thus, the die-off would occur before they’re ready for it.  Imagine a Captain Trips scenario from an inopportune mutation, but so visibly affecting only vaccinated people that it cannot be hidden despite enemedia assistance.  Or, if this is a bio-weapon engineered by the Chinese, take a look at this comment – by the notable Surak in a comment on his blog:

It has not escaped attention that the highest death rates per capita seem to be in Caucasian countries – and India is part of the Indo-European stock.

And elsewhere:

The Chinese dissidents whose blogs my wife follows believe that Xi and the CCP are unleashing a new wave of bioweapon viruses currently; that they have the goal of killing a large number of non-Chinese; that they are indifferent to the costs of a pandemic to their own people. These bloggers believe, further, that Putin is far more alarmed about China than he is about America, and presumably he believes that only Trump has the strength to stop China, not Biden.

Mrs. Surak says that Xi and the CCP must be stopped before they kill a large fraction of the human race. It looks like Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon and Dr. Li-Meng Yan have been right all along.

I can only imagine Putin’s reaction if it’s discovered this is the case. President Asterisk and his Communist puppeteers would not react, of course… but Putin, for all his blood-stained flaws, believes in Mother Russia. And would, I think, act swiftly and lethally, were it discovered that the virus was 1) engineered, and 2) aimed at Indo-European stock specifically. The fallout – both geopolitically and literally – would have global implications.

Pride goeth before the fall.  Hubris precedes Nemesis.  And doubtless other sayings echo similarly.

Would it not be ironic if the globalists used the Chinese to perpetrate this die-off Hubris, but the Chinese twisted it to achieve the end of all non-Chinese in the Nemesis counterstrike?  (I have to wonder about the fate of my own children… half-Kazakh, which has a strong Mongolian genetic presence… even if the older one looks like my copy and has totally no Asian influence visible aside from just a hint of Asian eyes, to the point where my wife jokingly claims I must have cheated on her!)


The Great Cycle turns relentlessly.


We have violated virtually every one of Hashem’s commandments, in particular the First Commandment: You shall have no other g-ds before Me.

Yet we have elevated “science” which has become the new golden calf.  We have outright worship and have a cult-of-personality of Dr. Fraudci.  Can you believe pillows?


Virtue, as mentioned by our host recently, is passe.

One need not be a believer to live a good life.  One of the highest compliments I ever got was from a staunch Catholic friend who, during my atheistic years, said that in how I treat others I was more Christian than many of the self-professed Christians he knew.  (Looking back, I can see how He prepared me for the return of my faith, even as I was denying Him.)

But He will not be mocked, or denied, without consequence.  Whether through biological hubris in believing we understand the fire of life well enough to play with it, or by turning to figureheads who gyrate their positions faster than a windmill in a gale, or worshipping our own brilliance with technology, we have abandoned the rock of faith and that rock’s Creator.

Dire times lay ahead.  Pray.  Prepare.  Make alliances.  Even then there are no guarantees, but we must remember – as this video that I got from our host’s previous blog states – that Heaven is our home.  If we are worthy of it.

(OK, ok, so it’s a Christian song.  So what?  It’s beautifully sung and composed, and the message – Christ aside – is clear: We are luminous beings, not this crude matter.  And must focus on the eternal, not the transient.)

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