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Notable Quote – I Have to Keep Saying This Because So Many Haven’t Learned It


An objective look at the limitation of our knowledge – how difficult is it to know whether we are making good decisions even in our own lives, let alone in those of anyone else? – reveals that in fact we are typically in no position to judge what is good for others.

We do not possess the detailed, personal, contextualized, historical information that is required to know what constitute good choices for others…. – James Otteson (Seven Deadly Economic Sins)

Professor Don Boudreaux adds:


Are you listening Joe Biden? Do you hear and understand Nancy Pelosi? Can you grasp this foundational truth Marco Rubio and Chuck Schumer and E.J. Dionne and Oren Cass and Paul Krugman? Where is your humility in the face of the enormity of social and economic complexity? Why are you so confident in your proposed schemes for human betterment?

Indeed.  Do our highest elected officials in NH understand this? No, they don’t. Forget what they say, watch what they have done. Too long, they have decided that Legislators are supposed to decide how we are to live our lives instead of protecting our Liberties.

And how many lives and businesses have been wrecked by our Elected King Baby Huey who must think much of himself for so long – and just renewed the Emergency Orders again in support of his Divine Right of Governor’s proclamation of “Public Health Trumps ALL” – including our Constitutionally protected Rights…

…which Sununu decided to NOT protect but to trash many times over this past year. He certainly decided that he, a single mortal, knows EXACTLY what everyone needs – and has demanded fealty for doing so.

And we see both the Democrats (by failing to call their respective chambers back into session) and the Republicans (by not acting to restore our Rights as the first item of business) have enabled his behavior of disdain.


(H/T: Cafe Hayek)