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Hey, Did He Learn This From Carol Seiu-Porter? Runaway!

Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes are alumni of the Health care debacle with its kickbacks, and buy-offs and special deals for unions, Big Pharma, and favored industry leaders. Endangered democrats will only suffer further if the likes of Donald Berwick succumb to questioning.

Read My Lips –You Can Keep Your Existing Plan If You Want To.

Courtesy of Hot Air, apparently three million seniors should expect to have their Medicare Prescription plans change, whether they like the or not.  Add this to the 50% or so of company plans that will be dropped or changed as an inconvenient side effect of passing the bill to find out what was in it …

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Why Not Bob Giuda?

As one of the leaders of the NHRCV I played a part along with our tireless leader Kevin McHugh when our membership voted to endorse Jennifer Horn late last year.  We here at the Grok have endorsed Jennifer and yes I had a hand in that as well.  And since then a few libertarians–Bob Giuda’s …

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Speaking of Trends

Gitmo will be closed in 12 months. Eighteen months later Gitmo’s not closed nor ever likley to be closed. "We will not rest" until (insert name of thing here). I’m not sure I need to say more. No one rests as much as Obama.  In face he rests for a week before he actaully say’s …

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  Independent voices might have some expectation of doing independent things.  Things like reading legislation or accessing resources outside the ones the people desperately selling a bill want you to stick to.  That kind of open mindedness would go a long way to demonstrating integrity and responsibility.  Or you could be Carol Shea Porter.  Carol …

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Piss Be Upon Him

I assume Israel bashing and pissing on Jesus are still democrat approved artistic pursuits–for which I deserve a taxpayer funded government grant.  But will Pelosi also cover my health insurance costs?  What if I don’t want to be tied to my job and instead choose to become an artist who travels the country making caricatures of Mohammed (Peace Be …

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No Lessons Learned

Representative Shea-Porter, when given a simple solution invariably chooses the more complex one because it does a better job of hiding the true costs and intentions of any given legislative endeavor.  Insurance reform is the fine example, but a more obvious choice is Cap and Trade.  A basic sin-tax on carbon, like those on tobacco, would …

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