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Fear and Stagnation: Democrat Leadership

The New Hampshire legislature this session has spent its time denouncing and dismantling the system that has given the state the New Hampshire advantage. They have rejected the low tax, low unemployment, free enterprise system they were left.

What has the NH legislature done?

The Democrats have pushed greater government control. They are instituting greater control of our economy and our lives. They have raised taxes and increased our regulatory burden. Their actions undermine our liberty, open our polls to non-citizens and do nothing to make New Hampshire a better, a more prosperous place to live.


At the same time they ignore the tough issues. They do not seem to care why our public schools are such a disaster. Even though we spend huge sums we are not getting the results our kids need to compete. Yet, they are unwilling to make structural changes to last century’s industrial model for education. They want to steer the car as we travel forward while staring in the rear view mirror.

Democrats are not interested in reforming our schools or our welfare system. What they want is to convince us that we are all victims. But things don’t get better if we sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. Their message is a profound and sinister one.

The message

It inevitably herds us onto the road to socialism which is where tyranny lives. Where are New Hampshire’s classic liberals? Where are those who support freedom, personal responsibility and private property rights?

The Democrat message, free market capitalism can’t work for everyone, is offensive. It is the more obnoxious in that they misrepresent the truth in order to make their case… and they know better. They understand free enterprise has raised more people from poverty and done it more quickly than any other economic system ever.

Health and welfare

Why does it make sense to spend more than 40% of the state’s budget in one department? Have their programs in welfare and health benefits moved the needle on poverty, drugs and health? Are we better off for the size of the department? Isn’t it a structural issue of governance when one department becomes that large and wields that much political power?

There are plenty of Granite Staters who are struggling. Most do not need or want a government hand-out. Rather, they want an unobstructed shot at the brass ring. That starts with a decent education, which too few receive.

Ask the Questions

Voters should demand that candidates explain how they are going to fix New Hampshire’s problems. Are they in favor of taking on the anti-reform teachers unions? Are they in favor of breaking up the Department of Health and Human Services? Now that would truly be a way to stand out.