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NH Senate Turns Their Backs on Women’s Sports

The Democrat-led New Hampshire Senate declined to vote on SB 480, the NH Senate Save Women’s Sports bill, and instead tabled it along with a number of bills they decided weren’t important enough to consider, ending any hopes of protecting women’s sports for this legislative session.

The War on Women’s Sports

We were back at the Legislative Office Building on Tuesday, March 3 to lobby for the right for women to have their own sports, and to support those testifying for bill SB480, the Senate Save Women’s Sports bill, a companion to the House bill HB1251.

NH State House

Cornerstone Legislative Update – Big Week for Bills We Are Following

With many bills on the House agenda for March 11 and 12, we recognize that this is not practical. If you choose to email your state representatives on the following House bills, mention in the subject line that you are a resident of the rep’s district. As always, the best messages are brief, clear, and courteous.

Proving that Progressives really don’t believe in “inclusion” – a perfect example #1

The word “Inclusion” used to mean involving every on and every belief. As it was shown yesterday during the hearing of HB1251 (prohibiting biological males from being on biological girls teams), inclusion now has been weaponized by the Left in a rather appalling way – include US and our ideology but automatically EXCLUDE anyone that …

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