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The War on Women’s Sports

We were back at the Legislative Office Building on Tuesday, March 3 to lobby for the right for women to have their own sports, and to support those testifying for bill SB480, the Senate Save Women’s Sports bill, a companion to the House bill HB1251.

ACLU-NH Executive Director Devon Chaffee and Trans Justice Organizer Palana Belken testified as a pair, making accusations that these bills are not needed, that everything is fine the way it is, and that gender-confused youth would be discriminated against if SB480 were passed. As Stephen wrote, they were gaslighting us.

Fortunately, two sets of moms and daughters had the opportunity to tell their stories of how young women are losing out on awards and chances to tryout for spots on teams and scholarships to gender-confused men who have a clear advantage. You can watch their testimony in the videos below.

We talked to several legislators and we are grateful that many of them expressed their support and posed with our Save Women’s Sports sign, and many more have expressed their support on social media.

This week, the full House will vote on HB1251 on Wednesday, March 11 or Thursday, March 12. Contact your representatives and ask them to overturn the committee’s report of Inexpedient to Legislate and vote Ought to Pass on HB1251. Find your representatives here.

There will a second public hearing for SB480 on Tuesday, March 10 at 9:00 am in room 103 of the Legislative Office Building. Join us at 8:30 am in the lobby for sign-holding and to bring awareness to the importance of protecting women’s sports. RSVP on Facebook for updates.

Contact the members of the Senate Education Committee and politely ask them to vote Ought to Pass on SB480.

For more information on the bills, read Cornerstone’s testimony.

Here are two videos of moms and daughters giving testimony on to the Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee on how males competing in female sports have affected them and their fellow female athletes.