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Ray’s Gay ATM

 Ray must think people are stupid.  Well of course he does.  Just days after he worked hard to get Carol Shea Porter and Paul Hodes selected to receive out of state gay lobby money;  just days after a June 23rdfiling showed a prominent Gay millionaire funneling money into the NHDP through HRC New Hampshire; not long after meeting with Marty Rouse from the national Human Rights Campaign (Major gay advocacy group if you didn’t know); and despite all the evidence that the NHDP has benefited financially from the deep pockets of gay activists from outside the state, Ray Buckley reportedly said this (posted over at Boo-Hoo Hampshire.) 

I have also been told of a video of  NOM’s executive director telling donors that "Tim Gill gave Ray Buckley $18 million dollars to take over New Hampshire".  Last year Sununu kept saying that I "raised millions from out of state gay groups". Of course both are absurd lies. 

-Ray Buckley 

I can’t speak for 18 million but where did all those millions you raised from outside the state come from?  Or are you just objecting to the word millions.  Could it be hundreds of thousands?  Is that still an absurd lie? 

Why don’t we take a snapshot and see if there might be some truth in what people are saying about Ray Buckley.

Well what about Gay activist Jon Stryker’s donation here?

Or Bruce Bastian using HRC NH to launder money into the NHDP here?

David Bohnett gave money to the Stonewall democrats (who will be giving money to Paul and Carol) while also giving money to the NHDP here.

And then there’s the exclusive John Lynch invite to the Political Outgiving confab where the millionaire gay lobby activists decide what states they plan to manipulate with their money here.

And who is this Tim Gill guy (on page 3) who gave you money last November. I suppose that’s the only time he ever gave money to the state party?

Human Rights Campaign gave money on page 3 of the same report.

Oh.  There’s another $5000.00 from Jon Stryker on the same report. (page 5)

Then there’s this.

And here’s a nice one from 2008 where Stryker and Bruce Bastion give 20,000.00 to HRC New Hampshire who then hands it all over to you and the NHDP Ray.

Look, Dave Maltz gave $10,000.00 to HRC NH.  Wonder where that ended up, seeing as the NHDP is the only recipient of HRC NH contribuitions  as far back as we look?  Hmmmm.’

That’s an awful lot of gay lobby money Ray.  Even going back to 2006 we find 25,000 dollarsfrom pages and pages of out of state donors to HRC NH going directly into the NHDP vaults.  In fact we could hypothesize that Ray Buckley created the HRC NH chapter for the sole purpose of funneling gay activist money directly into the party war chest.

And that’s just one feeding tube.  What about actual donations directly to the party, or the State Senate Pac or the House PAC, or who knows who else.  Imagine—just imagine how much we might find if we looked a little harder?  And all these Gay activist millionaires give money to the abortion Lobby, to Act Blue, and a host of other venues that also funnel money to the New Hampshire Democrat Party and democrat candidates in the state of New Hampshire.  Could we find a million?   Maybe a few of them?  Add the congressional campaigns and Jeanne Shaheen and I bet we could. 

Whatever it is I bet it’s a lot Ray.  And it’s all from outside the state. 

So what was that about an absurd lie?

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