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Target (ing) Gaypocrisy

Target donated money to a pro business PAC, which donated money to a Minnesota Candidate that makes the Gay activists less than merry.  (Can’t exactly say less gay can I?).  And since the "x degrees of fiscal separation" rule is only relevant to anything to the right of Trotsky, the Gender Confusion Corps (pronounced "corpse") has taken it to Target with a vengeance.

(I hope they are not upset with me but I  spent close to $1000.00 dollars at Target this week but if it helps I had a coupon. )

Anyway, in their quest to draw attention to the complex nature of the gender paradox  they have managed to make collective fools out of their collectivist selves.  At the end of a video in which they answer once and for all the age old question of whether people really do just burst into coordinated song and dance in public places like they do in the Musicals, we are treated to large type with the words "Stop Trying To Buy Elections," (see it on the jump) to which I must respond, only if you stop first.




You only need two words to completely invalidate this point, regardless of how entertaining they went about it–Political OutGiving.

Political OutGiving is Tim Gill’s group of 200 some odd millionaire Gay Lobby Activists, whose sole function since the 2006 elections has been to buy up state elections to advance their agenda. (Just ask John Lynch who they are–he knows them well).  Now you might say, hey, I don’t care about gay marriage and that’s fine, but how do you feel about parental notification or conception to those born alive abortions where the baby is left to die?  These are issues that the gay lobby and Political OutGiving supports, along with the entire destructive left wing agenda–which comes in every Box of Progressive-O’s bought and paid for by Political OutGiving’s hundreds of millions in annual contributions to democrat state level candidates.

They buy up elections.  That’s what they do.  It’s all they do.  So that can only make what follows the screen capture above in the video, that much more entertaining.

The video is paid for by

So much for integrity and hello Gaypocrisy.