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Two Of A Kind

Doh!John Lynch has a lot in common with governor Chet Culver of Ohio.  Chet said he would protect marriage as between a man and a woman and then Chet got all squishy.  Then he stood by and let the courts define marriage for him.

Want to know some other interesting coincidences?  Chet was receiving money from Tim Gill while he was saying he’d defend traditional marriage.  Another familiar donor Ohio and New Hampshire share is Jon Stryker.

Chet Culver was one of the four Governors invited to Tim Gill’s secret donor confab in Chicago, just like John Lynch.  I don’t know if Chet gave a speech, or if he was just there to beg for money, and help John and Tim with Governor O’Malley of Maryland’s conversion to the church of I used to be for protecting marriage but I got bought out by the gay lobby.

By the way Governor.  Where’s the speech?  It’s still not on your press page?

What exactly are you hiding from New Hampshire?