Next time NH Democrats start yammering about "Dark Money" in campaigns, remember this: - Granite Grok

Next time NH Democrats start yammering about “Dark Money” in campaigns, remember this:

Dark Money

Note the last question below:

LEFT’S NON-PROFIT FUNDING LEAD KEEPS GROWINGMichael Watson and Shane Devine of the Capital Research Center (CRC) update through the 2018 campaign the center’s ongoing study comparing charitable funding resources for the Left and Right and finds the former’s advantage continues to expand.

“In the 2017–2018 cycle, the 301 groups supported by the selected conservative grant-makers received a total of a little over $2.2 billion, a roughly 1.67 percent increase over 2014 levels,” according to Watson and Devine.

“The 907 left-of-center groups selected by liberal grant-makers received over $8.1 billion, about a 9.65 percent increase. In raw dollar amounts, liberal 501(c)(3) revenue outmatched conservative revenue by 3.7 to 1 — a significant increase over the 3.4 to 1 ratio for 2014.”

Question: Why do the enemies of capitalism keep getting richer? Alternative question: Why aren’t the biggest beneficiaries of capitalism investing more of their profits in the defense of the economic system that makes those profits possible?

Every time I turn around, another Leftist front group, in the form of some kind of NGO or non-profit, is fighting against MY interests. Why aren’t the well-heeled entities on the Right doing the same thing. I have to be thinking that they are looking to recreate a virtual version of US Marine General Chesty Puller (Korean War) at Chosin Reservior:

“We’ve been looking for the enemy for some time now. We’ve finally found him. We’re surrounded. That simplifies things.”

And in a lot of cases, the Left has surrounded the Right in groups and numbers. All of the funded Think Tanks aren’t going to void that. The Right has got to better fund “boots on the ground” other than for just campaigning. Have they not learned that “direct action” makes differences?

So why ARE all these Progressives wanting to destroy the system that makes it possible to raise all that money in the first place? They’re not stupid but is the Ideology that strong in them?

So readers, let me know in the comments; I have my suspicions…

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