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The Flu Versus Freedom.

Democrat Rule – Rights for “Me” Few or None for “Thee”

Liberal Privilege has many faces, but they all look the same. They are right, and you are wrong. Their science beats your science. Their observations are ‘News,’ and yours are conspiracy theories or lies. Truth is Hate Speech. And when it comes to COVID, everyone gives up their rights except their protesters.

Bernie vs Nutt-Head 2020

Battle Of The Geriatric Titans

If you thought some of the GOP 2016 crowd was weak, just consider the best the Dems have to offer: A communist useful idiot, and a Socialist total idiot! Timothy Bishop presents the battle of “Bernie vs Nutt-Head!” Also, where to check the score…

Democrat Thugs Were Busy Over the Weekend

Democrat thugs were busy over the weekend in Portland, Oregon. So says a story by Carmine Sabia of Western Journal. Portland, Oregon has been handed to the scum of the Earth by the mayor. The city police condone what is happening. They stand by and watch it happen.

Political Violence is Rising and Escalating

Political Violence is Rising and Escalating

Ryan Saavedra from DailyWire.com is reporting that authorities in Florida are dealing with a situation from Saturday. Republican volunteers were registering people to vote. They were working in a tent. A man deliberately rammed a vehicle into the tent.