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Note to Elected NH Democrats Who Have Blocked People on Facebook and Twitter


This applies to any elected official, but most of the information I receive is about Democrats. Alderman, members of the Legislature, and any state or local official who has blocked someone on social media, I’m here to help you out. Unblock them before you get sued.

I’m not saying we’ll sue you. I’m not saying we won’t. But moving forward, any reader who reaches out to us on the matter will get this advice.

If an elected official has blocked you from any social media page they use to communicate to the public in their official capacity, file a formal complaint – because you have rights.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ruled that President Trump cannot block Twitter users from his official account, finding that the practice is discriminatory.

Democrats thought that was the best thing ever. Transparency, accountability, we got the bastard, well guess what? The same rules can be applied to you. 

The judges wrote “that the First Amendment does not permit a public official who utilizes a social media account for all manner of official purposes to exclude persons from an otherwise-open online dialogue because they expressed views with which the official disagrees.”

If you have been blocked on a social media account an elected official uses to communicate business in their public capacity, we want to know about it.

We will advertise the unconstitutional event here, on GraniteGrok. You should then email them at their official email address and explain the problem. Be polite. Ask to be unblocked so that additional action is not required. If you receive no response and remain blocked, send us the email request, and we’ll talk about it some more.

If you get a positive response and are unblocked or any response (like, say, go to hell), share it, and we will too, good or bad.

If you need to file a complaint, we will try to assist you in identifying who to contact. 

Rinse, lather, repeat.

And no, we don’t care what party they are registered with, but I have a sneaking suspicion, based on anecdotal evidence, that most of the free speech suppression is coming from the left.