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Quick Thought – Republican “packing” or Democrat “packing” – which is worse?

With the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Democrats have threatened, like FDR did, to “pack the Court” by adding new Justices if Trump and the Republicans ram through a replacement for RBG as soon as possible. Governor Sununu, as Grokster Doris pointed out (In Emergency Order #69, Sununu Packs the Public Health …

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George Washington Statue in portland

Attacking Washington

Today, some of the men who founded our country are under attack. George Washington’s skill, character, and leadership were widely acknowledged by his peers. So much so the Continental Congress selected him unanimously to lead the Continental Army.

FDR Stole Two-Thirds Of Americans' Savings

FDR Stole Two-Thirds of Americans’ Savings

Remember when FDR stole two-thirds of Americans’ savings? No, of course you don’t. It happened 87 years ago. The last time that populism existed as a major force in the world was in the 1930s. What we’re experiencing today is similar to what happened in the 1930s in many ways.

the Black Constituency

Why Is the Black Constituency So Hard Core Democrat?

Academia and the media are involved in peddling a narrative. Black America has bought the narrative they are pushing lock, stock, and barrel. The narrative is: Once upon a time, a long, long time ago the GOP used to be the party of black America. The Democrat Party was the racist party.

Man is not free unless govt is limited - Reagan

Notable Quote – Robert Higg

The most important legacy of the New Deal, however, is a certain system of belief, the now-dominant ideology of the mixed economy, which holds that the government is an immensely useful means for achieving one’s private aspirations and that one’s resort to this reservoir of potentially appropriable benefits is perfectly legitimate. To take – indirectly …

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FDR Wheelchair

FDR, Collusion, and Impeachment

In 1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt sought an unprecedented third term as President. But while his first two elections were landslides, the political landscape had changed. Americans were inherently troubled by the notion of an entitled presidency and a measure of “Roosevelt fatigue” set in.

AOC on MSNBC about FDR

AOC: Congress Amended the Constitution To Keep FDR from Getting Re-Elected

FDR died in Office in 1945, but according to Left-Wing genius, Alexandria Occasional-Cortex Congress stepped in and changed the constitution to prevent him from being reelected to a fourth term. While plenty of Dead Democrats have voted, and there may even be dead Democrats who have been elected or re-elected to an office (by dead Democrats?), …

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