The Left's War on Climate Escalates: Say Hello to the New Greener New Deal - Granite Grok

The Left’s War on Climate Escalates: Say Hello to the New Greener New Deal


Bernie and his socialist idiot-savant Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex are declaring war on your indifference to their narrative on global warming. It’s so bad they’ve decided to declare War!

“The global warming caused by human activities,” claims the draft resolution, according to the Mother Jones magazine, “has resulted in a climate emergency that … demands a national, social, industrial, and economic mobilization of the resources and labor of the United States at a massive-scale.”

Translation: Government must seize control of energy, transportation, industry, and you. Now. Dammit!

War! Huh.  What is it good for?  Absolutely nothing listen to me. (Sing it, Edwin!)

It Wasn’t Easy Being the Green New Deal

The Green New Deal came out to liberal fanfare and mockery from everyone else. Everything about it was ridiculous except that the socialists were serious and now they are mad. This. Means. War. The moral, I say, the moral equivalent of war, that is. (to borrow from the historical Foghorn Leghorn).

Get ’em wound up, into rationing, and willing to give up affordable energy, modern conveniences, personal transportation, air travel, (your paycheck) all for the common good.  Dammit!

Nearly the entire structure of the New Deal was copied from Wilson’s “war socialism.”

That’s Jonah Goldberg who reminds us of the origins of the moral equivalent of war and its application by FDR who proclaimed, “I assume unhesitatingly the leadership of this great army of our people dedicated to the disciplined attack upon our common problems.” (Ask Joe Biden, and I’m sure he can find it for us on Television.)

Goldberg continues with multiple examples leading to this summation.

“the important point is that ever since philosopher William James coined the phrase the “moral equivalent of war,” American liberalism has been recycling the same basic idea: The country needs to be unified and organized as if we are at war, but not to fight a literal battle. The attraction stems from what John Dewey called “the social possibilities of war” — the ability to reorganize and unify society according to the schemes of planners and experts.”

So, Socialism leading to Communism, which was always the goal of radical environmentalism.

As for the Global Warming “experts,” they’ve been wrong about everything relating to climate, but that’s just a reason to be wrong with a bigger budget and stricter controls (on speech and you). And while no one, not even a Democrat, is likely to accuse Democrat Commie Ocasio-Cortez of being an expert at anything but hyperbole, that only means that New, like, Newer Greener Deal is, like, right, like, up her alley. Whatever it is.

Nice Nazi shirt, Saikat! Hey, they were big on environmentalism too!

All of which leads us, to Newer Greener New Deal Vaporware.

It remains unclear how the new resolution differs from the Green New Deal, though a spokesperson for Sanders told the magazine that unlike President Trump’s emergencies, the climate change declaration warrants the use of emergency powers.

Yes, It’s a Trap!

This newer and greener episode of Green New Deal theater is nothing more than setting the table, further outlining the narrative. Giving the media a foundation of nonsense on which to pontificate endlessly. And should a Democrat win the Oval office they will invoke this hysteria as evidence that the people want the State to make the cost of energy consume fifty percent of their incomes (or more) so that the government can “save the planet.”

As if it could!

But seeing as it is in no need of saving, Democrats can guarantee that no matter how they spend all that loot, they can declare success and announce that their programs are effective.

Not that this will end the war. Once you let the Left start, it will never end. It will only get more expensive.

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