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The Principles of Taxation

The Principles of Taxation

What are the principles of taxation we should follow? It’s our system we should have a voice, right? Come let us reason together. An appropriate tax system is one raising revenue only the core functions of government require. The fundamental principles of our neutral and effective tax system are: Simplicity: The tax code should be …

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Adam Schiff

The Founders Are Rolling in their Graves

The founders are rolling in their graves. Adam Schiff says the eyes of the founders are on the impeachment proceedings. Conservatives know the heart of the constitution governs the impeachment proceedings. The Democrats want you to accept that courts have no role in impeachments.

Impeachment Response

Impeachment Response

Our elected representatives, Shaheen, Kuster, and Pappas behave as they do for three reasons. They love power. They like the sound of their own voices. And the GOP lets them get away with it.

The Fair Shares Act

We frequently hear about how each of us should pay or receive ‘our fair share’ of taxes.  Whether that’s the state Department of Labor claiming to ‘ensure the NH businesses pay their fair share’, or the federal Census Bureau arguing that it ‘helps each community get its fair share’ of tax funds, or some other …

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comrade volinsky


In the movie Idiocracy, people in the future experience massive crop failures.  Why?  Because the government has convinced farmers that ‘electrolytes are what plants crave’, so farmers start watering their fields with the sports drink Brawndo (which is basically Gatorade). I couldn’t help thinking of this the other day when someone forwarded me the latest …

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Prager U: New York Students want Free College For All

Embarrassing questions with ridiculous answers – until almost the very last student being question: That last student?  Yeah, college math – not so much. Even below “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez standard” – that MUST take a lot of college courses to reach that level. (H/T: The Blaze)

Death Penalty

I’ll give up the Death Penalty for the convicted if you Democrats give up the death penalty for innocent babies

HB455 – “This bill changes the penalty for capital murder to life imprisonment without the possibility for parole.” The Democrats have been pushing for this for years. I guess they believe that convicted murderers (pretty much the only crime that would receive a death penalty but only for a very few situations – like shooting a …

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