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California Is Now Pushing to Control the Federal Debt and Your Taxes

California Is Now Pushing to Control the Federal Debt and Your Taxes

California is now pushing to control the federal debt and your taxes. Don’t believe it? Read on McDuff. California, the governor and the legislature, are working on a proposal to extend free health care to illegal immigrant senior citizens.

Last July, Gov. Newsom signed a law extending Medicaid coverage to low-income illegal immigrants 25 years old and younger. You are probably saying wait a minute Medicaid is a federal program. How does that work? Thanks to work by Jarrett Stepman of the Daily Signal we are going to explore this.

Fair treatment of people

Well, if you look at what they’re doing in California you quickly grok how they’re treating people. They don’t treat their own citizens as well as they treat illegal immigrants. So at what point does the insanity stop? It’s crazy what they’re doing… it’s crazy. Not only that, it is just plain mean. It is very unfair to California citizens but more than that they are shifting their cost to the Nation, to all American citizens.

We have $23 trillion in accumulated debt. California is waging a war on the concept of citizenship.  California is essentially sidestepping the will of the American people. They are intentionally undermining our immigration laws. They are placing as carrot in front of all Central and South America where socialist regimes are failing. Come to America for free healthcare.

By extending social welfare to those illegal immigrants, the state signals that the concept of citizenship itself is meaningless. This is nothing more or less than an open borders move. It’s clear that California’s Democrats are doubling down extending free health care to an even greater number of illegal immigrants.

The Game

The way the game works is to extend free health care coverage to illegal immigrants 65 and over. This will be done as a part of the state’s Medi-Cal program. This adds $80.5 million to the budget this year. It also adds $350 million annually once fully implemented, according to Politico.  Newsom has made a push to extend health care coverage to everyone in the state, including those who aren’t legal citizens.

Newsom says, “We believe universal health care lowers the cost for everybody… the evidence bears that out. We believe it’s the right thing to do morally and ethically. We also believe it is the financially responsible thing to do.”

Is this the responsible thing to do? This ignores federal law which prohibits non-citizens from Medicaid. There is obviously a price to pay for covering the cost of health care. How many? We don’t actually know nut it is expected to be millions of illegal immigrants. Today maybe California is flush with cash. That is due, in part to the booming American economy.

What if?

The tech sector is bringing in a huge amount of capital to the state. But what happens when there is a downturn. Downturns do happen. What funds this explosion of future financial liabilities? And remember Medicaid pays the lion’s share of the bill. That’s you and me… even though we are not California citizens.

Less than a decade ago, California’s politicians sought a bailout from the federal government. They were trying to deal with a massive budget hole.  And a lot of the wealth the state needs to fund its massive tax-and-spend ways may simply dry up. Many businesses in the state already have pulled up stakes rather than deal with onerous taxes and regulations.

Middle-class Californians are leaving the state in droves or say that they want to leave.  The pressure to do so will be even greater as jobs dry up. The state has also been hit with a homelessness crisis. This is a sign of the California dysfunction. There is no more stark contrast of poverty with opulence. California is doing its best to encourage illegal immigration. They just keep adding newcomers to the dole. The state also continues finding ways to kill businesses which decreases jobs for people looking to make ends meet.

“T”-ball legislation

The California legislature has recently enacted legislation making freelance work nearly impossible.  This is just another kind of lunacy gripping the political and intellectual powers in the Golden State.  California has many notable benefits. There is a wonderful climate, beautiful landscape, and interesting cities. But those things are only enjoyable for those wealthy enough to enjoy them.

For those not so fortunate, the state is becoming increasingly inhospitable. The result is a toxic stew of bad laws, unfulfilled promises, and misplaced blame. California needs to stop the legislative “T” ball, grow up and hold itself accountable to acting responsibly. That means living within its means and passing laws that impact only their own jurisdiction. California is now pushing to control the federal debt and your taxes.