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Refuse to Certify … Napoleon was Right

Refuse to Certify

We must refuse to certify this election until we can be sure our process is materially free from fraud. Americans are particularly sensitive to fairness.  Fairness is a pretty fluid standard. We all know it when we see it. But getting people to agree on a definition is very difficult.

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However, even a young child recognizes someone cutting in line.  A sense of fairness is innate; we all have it.

What follows is a readers digest version of “The Real Election ‘Trump Card’: Refuse to CertifyBy Jay Valentine at American Thinker. My apologies to Jay and American Thinker for my edits condensing the article. Please follow the link to read the entire original.

For some, it is baked out by ideology. For some reason, they adopt “the end justifies the means” kind of thinking. It’s strange how maturity does not work the same way with all people. But those are not the Conservative voters.

This election was not fair.  Everyone, or about everyone, sees it. Heck, here in NH even the Democrats are wondering. They cannot understand: How could we win the U.S. Senate race and both U.S. House of Representatives seats and completely lose the state on all other levels? Many conservatives have the same question though they express it the other way around. The logic of voting has been violated and we all know it.

Our election process is at risk

The question is: Are we going to make sure we actually did what appears to have happened? Are we going to double-check the logic? Clearly, about 71 million people who voted for Trump nationwide cannot get past it. Making it more unfair is the apparent lack of transparency.  Those committing the fraud will not let Trump’s team see the scorecards.

Their game is – No vote-counting unless they are bludgeoned into it.  Lower courts, especially those with Democratic judges, are equally opaque. Sometimes you have to thank your opponent for being really stupid.  Napoleon said never needlessly interfere with your enemy when he is destroying himself.  Today’s corollary would be: When your opponent drives you to high ground, take it.  And say thank you. So, let’s do that.

Perhaps we cannot win the mind-numbing, detailed, line-by-line, recount process. We will be opposed at every step of such a swamp war by those who just stole an election.  Probably that cannot be done in 30 days. That is about all the time we have.  Importantly, we cannot deliver every day the statistics capable of reversing the drumbeat of the media narrative. The media narrative is: “Just move along” and “Go with Joe.”

However, we can, or Trump can personally, take the stories to the people. There are 71 million receptive sets of ears. It appears he is starting down that path. The speaker of the Pennsylvania House is now a key player in this drama. He is saying, “No certification without audits.” This is important and here’s what it means.

Where do we need to go from here?

Forget about the statistics.  Trump is the number one communicator in this quadrant of the galaxy. Trump has anecdotes people grasp instinctively. Like that loose string on the sock where, when you pull it a bit, the sock comes apart. We’ve watched it work at the Trump rallies.

As they hit every swing state they educate their legislatures about the power of anecdotes.  Anecdotes drive voters.  Everyone remembers a story.  Voters remember. It is why everyone on both sides are struggling to believe the vote count anomalies. Our logic is offended.

This election must be certified by two chambers of every swing-state Legislature. The speaker in Pennsylvania just showed us the high ground.  The Republican legislatures follow his lead. They say no certification without the following:

  1. A full audit, by hand of every vote
  2. Any court or election official mandate not approved by the Legislature does not count; take out those votes
  3. Voting machines: cough up the source code, the audit logs for our forensic teams

You get the picture. If the Democrats challenge this, the clock works against them.  Thirty days.  That’s it. Trump plays the Trump card.  Seventy-one million people demanding a recount; a fair, honest, transparent recount. No recount, no certification.  No voting machine code review, no certification.

The House of Representatives makes the call when there is no certification. Then Trump comes off the golf course and goes back to work. Take the high ground and hold it.  The Democrats have given it to us; let’s gather together and say, thank you.