And this is a MASSIVELY Stupid (yes, with a capital "S") idea, Bruce Breton - Granite Grok

And this is a MASSIVELY Stupid (yes, with a capital “S”) idea, Bruce Breton


Well, it would put one thing to rest – New Hampshire as the First in The Nation (“FITN”) Primary State. Second, as I have said for years, the FITN primary really distorts the political “marketplace” as the locals start falling all agog over themselves with all of the Bright and Shiny Objects waltzing into NY.  Not to mention, bringing along their Bright and Shiny Wallets with which to pay such locals, all who seemingly have dreams of DC sugar plum jobs in their heads as they seek to ingratiate themselves with their Objects of Desire in hopes of that One Big Gig that will set them up for life….or longer. In the mean time, less politicians and issues go by the wayside.  Dunno how bad it is on the Democrat side (er, we are about to find out with tales of 20-odd plus Odd folks who have looked into their Shiny Mirrors who say “There can only be One!” (ode to Outlander, there) and the head in said Shiny Mirror nods approvingly.

So, I’m not so sure I should be racking Bruce Breton over the coals on demanding that the “no endorsement” rule by the NH GOP in Presidential Primaries is a good thing except for seeing a number of possibilities for the Law of Unintended Consequences for its After Effects and Slippery Slopes to play havoc afterwards. As in “why stop there?” details.  WHY stop at the Presidency?  Why should that be so special if the NH GOP is supposed to concentrate on, well, New Hampshire politics.  Given the absolute beating the NH GOP just took (rather, it asked for it over its do-not-much antics relative to what the base expected it to do), how would Bruce Breton’s “lock” on Trump work out AFTER the FITN Primary?

Yes, I was a Cruz guy, like a lot of Groksters, but I have to admit, his ACTIONS (not his words, his ACTIONS) have resulted in far more conservatarian results than most of our self-proclaimed Presidents ever achieved.  He’s also done one thing that almost all previous GOP Presidents haven’t – kept his promises (or, at least has tried hard and has a longer list of promises kept than most).  You see, in business, if you don’t keep to your pledged word to your customers, you’re out of business.  So that is a plus for Breton’s plan.  BUT! That was a primary in which there was no incumbent.

Again, “why stop at the Presidency”?  What would have happened if the NH GOP decided to pick a candidate AHEAD of the Primary?  What if they had done so either in the middle of the debates or even BEFORE the debate?  I think most of you already know the answer – those that would be swayed by, say, the Chair coming out with a name, perhaps echoed by a majority of the NH GOP Executive Board, would glom onto that person. And who would we have ended up with?

Yeah, and what kind of Republican Presidency would have been John Kasich?  Oh. My. Good. Lord. Above.   Or GOPe Jeb.  Or some other “across the aisle-er” that just wanted to get stuff done (even if it wasn’t “our” agenda) just do be seen as “bipartisan” (and we all know what means to our Principles).

Well, look on the bright side – I probably would have been able to start a Conservative Party pretty darn quick, even if under the motto (to throw brick-bats at the NH GOP) “We may not win but you will surely lose).  Heck, maybe even the No Labels folks could claim that as well given the utter rendering of the curtain that would do.

No, take it down a notch to the US Senate races – how do you think the Base would respond to a Kelly Ayotte candidacy against Shaheen.  Yep, that’s right – HAHAHAHAHAHA!  There’s a reason why she lost and it doesn’t all have to do with Busses with MA plates on them, either. Or Student IDs. I’ll tell you, it would be fun to remind the NH GOP Smart People of all those “Who is going to ‘Read the Letter this time'” jokes as time after time at various NH GOP events, Ayotte was a no show until it was election time.  Yeah, she went Swampland bigly.

And I could do the same walking down the ticket.  Part of politics is in NOT ticking off a whole lot of people and here in NH, that absolute number is exceedingly small. I’ve said before that all GraniteGrok has to do is persuade 05 – 1% of the votes in a given district to vote like us and we’d “win”.  Now, imagine the impetus where the Party started to endorse ALL incumbents in ALL seats ALL the time, a la Bruce Breton?  And no, I disagree with the idea that it would only stay at the Presidential level.  Why NOT the Governor?  Why NOT the NH Senate (although it is well known that the NH Senate Majority Incumbent Permanent Residency and Racketeering Fund pretty much monitizes that idea already)?  And the Executive Council?

After all, aren’t all of the NH GOP Executive Board the exceedingly Smart People in the room and shouldn’t the rest of us just bow to that superior knowledge, experience, and money?

Sidenote: Oh, oopsies on that last part as Jeanne Forrester now makes Jack Kimball look far better than a fundraising genius (er, for a clue: Obama and Jimmy Carter). Jack did far better than was given credit but the NH GOP Five Families never gave this TEA Party leader a chance.

Which also brings up another point – don’t you think that someone, in playing politics, would continue to carry that out a step further with Jack Kimball “recalls” – after all, Smart People and all that (with their own brand of Shiny Mirrors)?  But I digress.

Taking it to its logical end, why not just protect ALL incumbents?  At any of the State levels? What harm would that cause (ok, ok, I’m just throwing it out there – I KNOW that the NH GOP could never do it – they can’t even fill all the slots available already).

But the real harm is why would ANYONE be willing to run knowing that the NH GOP Party was already against their candidacy?  Yes, I’ve extended the Stupid idea of Bruce Breton ad absurdium but hey, that’s we do to make a point.

While it would achieve something good in that it would FORCE the NH GOP to get rid of the distractions of every four years and do its real homework (concentrating on NH politics) and perhaps start winning on conservative grounds more often – and delighting its base so that it would come out more often – as it would, contra the ministrations of Bill Gardner and the otherwise Party Platform haters of both Duprey and Bergeron at the RNC, the RNC would easily now say “Buh-Bye, NH and your cold winters and too tiny towns, it’s off to LA!”.

Can’t have an FITN Primary if no one shows up even if the election was held in September of 2019.

Nope, still a massively Stupid Idea chock full of Cronyism (far more of the latter than what exists today).  After all, Fallen men. And for the PC ground, Fallen women. And for the scientifically ignorant, any other designation you think possible.  All 1,024, 697 (and counting, or so it seems, as new one keep being manufactured and I really don’t care anymore).