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Election 2010

Republican Suckers!?

John Lynch could only win re-election with the help of Republicans and independents and so he did.  So are they all liberals in denial, or just a bunch of suckers?  Someone fell for the lies about the budget.  They believed the liberals and their RINO agitators who sold them on a $70 million dollar surplus …

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Playing 52 Pick Up, And Then Some

New Hampshire Election Information (http://nhelection.info/) has the results posted of its 52-pick up page an effort to identify and track the replacement of fifty-two “of the most statist and the most vulnerable legislators in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.”

Feds Play The Lynch Shell Game With Themselves

Taking a page from the John Lynch Playbook, the Federal Reserve is planning to buy 500 billion in treasury bonds. This is the Federal Government taking money from it’s right pocket, putting it in its’ left pocket, then putting it back in the right pocket, and claiming to have 500 billion more to spend.

Election Day Open Thread

Today’s the big day.  I voted around 8:30 AM.  Polling traffic was not steady–no lines to get the ballot but most of the voting booths were occupied. Tell us what’s happening at your polling place, give a shout out, guess the final spread on your candidates victory…whatever. It’s the November 2nd, 2010 Election day open …

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Stephen Surging

Late polling shows John Stephen closing the gap to the point that the race is now a toss up.  That means every vote counts.  Get out there and vote for John Stephen.  He is the only candidate who can win and advance our shared goals for liberty and a return to smaller government.

Live Blogging – Guinta Victroy Party

Granite Grok is live at the Guinta Victory Party at the Radisson in Manchester.  We will be live streaming election results, and keeping you up to date on events here as they happen.   Follow us on Facebook  or Twitter as we spend Election night on line and live from Manchester, NH

OFA – Sanctions Vote Stealing….Because NH Law Allows It.

Note to all Republican’s elected to the the next New Hampshire Legislature.  You need to tighten up voter registration laws. You must get rid of same day registration.  You need to limit voting privileges to actual residents.  There must be a requirement to demonstrate proof of ID and residency to vote.  And you must enforce …

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NHDP Policy – “Can’t Win On Issues? Cheat!”

Maggie Hassan must be in danger, why else spend all that money on fake signs with the Republican opponents name on it linking them to higher taxes.  That’s what’s happening in State Senate District 23.  The Democrats, practically overnight, have peppered the district with "counterfeit signs" that look like the candidates signs, but with some …

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