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Election 2010

Guest Post – Leigh MacNeil

There are two clear choices on Tuesday. We can continue down a path of big government, higher taxes and less freedom, or we can demand from our legislators a limited government with less spending, lower taxes and more freedom.

More Gay Lobby Lunch Money For Lynch

Lynch has only raised 1.12 Million for the general election with his own loans. Take the loans out and he only has 350,000.00 from sources other than his own checkbook. Thirty five percent of whats left is from one special interest; gay marriage activists from Tim Gill’s Political Out Giving, the group he secretly slithered off to, to give a luncheon speech back in May.

Is Carol Shea-Porter anti-millitary?

Carol Seiu-Porter’s energy policy agenda actually costs the US military billions of dollars more per year in increased fuel and energy costs. Stephen Hayward at the Weekly Standard estimated that every $10/barrel added to the price of oil costs the defense department (and you) one billion dollars more per year.

Public Service Is About Trust

I’d just assume have a root canal without pain killer as suffer through an editorial by Carol Shea-Porter, but sometimes you have to take one for the team. So with the dedication of Roland I immersed myself in the last rights editorial of the soon to be former congresswoman from New Hampshire’s first district, which is ironically titled, ‘Public Service is about trust.’

Jilted RINO Seeks Revenge

Longtime RINO and progressive sympathizer Cynthia Dokmo lost her primary.  She didn’t take it well.  Now she is pulling a Murkowski–sort of–waging a write in campaign to undo the injustice thrust upon her by primary voters. Certainly it must have been a mistake.  In all of her district there has to be one or two …

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