They'd Be Representing You. - Granite Grok

They’d Be Representing You.

If you were playing a game of ‘Pick-up’ basketball, and the goal was actually to try and save the US constitution, and the only two players left to pick from were Ann McLane Kuster (McKluster), or Charlie Bass, who would you want on your team?

I don’t live in CD-2 so I can’t make that choice myself, but I would never willingly invite a socialist into my government if other options presented themselves, nor allow one the opportunity to claim to  represent me.  Ann Kuster will be representing you for two long years if you allow her to do so.

If you can honestly say that  she best represents your political values, then by all means, let her win.  If you think you can play a political game and wait her out until next time, then you have to accept that you are not advancing the cause of liberty–are in fact walking it backwards–for what you hope is a better set of circumstances two years down the road.

I’m not saying it’s not an acceptable risk, but that is a risk.

But it is safe to say that you (in CD-2) have not had any voice in Washington for four years.  If you can wait two more, then be my guest.  Just don’t complain if it doesn’t work out.