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NHDP Policy – “Can’t Win On Issues? Cheat!”

Maggie Hassan must be in danger, why else spend all that money on fake signs with the Republican opponents name on it linking them to higher taxes.  That’s what’s happening in State Senate District 23. 

The Democrats, practically overnight, have peppered the district with "counterfeit signs" that look like the candidates signs, but with some democrat additions.  Think of it as another case of projection…where the word "higher Taxes" rightfully belongs next to Maggie Hassan’s name.

Nothing new to see here, but if you have the opportunity, get in contact with the Prescott campaign and offer to help sandwich these dishonest signs with the real deal.

The signs meet legal requirements, so they are protected political speech, even if it’s an outright lie, and more proof that the Buckley Democrats are lying soulless heathens, bad sports, and incapable of winning on the issues, they can’t be removed except under the limitations of the law.

But think of this as one more reason to send The Hassan packing. It would send a suitable message about the rejection of the democrat agenda.  Of course if she manages to squeak out a win now, they can’t prove it wasn’t accomplished through subterfuge, but why worry about that–just get the vote out and get her out.

(H/T New Hampshire Election Information)