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Ray Buckley And His Extremist Friends…

Vote For Jim Forsythe!Paid for by The New Hampshire Democratic State Committee and Ray Buckley, Chair, is an ad in the New Hampshire Sunday News.  Don’t feel bad if you missed it.  It’s an 1/8th of a page affair that  tries to scare people.  They, the democrats, have to resort to this because of the frightening reality that is their actual agenda, which people are preparing to reject in the mid terms.

The ad is directed at Jim Forsythe, candidate for State Senate.  It claims that Jim will Slash the minimum wage, take away women’s rights, eliminate social security, eliminate medicare and shut down public education, as if the democrats have not already corrupted these ideas or doomed these failed institutions already, and that a State Senator from New Hampshire, any state Senator, could actually do any of these things anyway.

Each of the five attacks come with a foot note directing you to one of two internet resources, the Republican Liberty Caucus Statement of Principles, or an interview in Fosters Daily Democrat.

We find Buckley getting into trouble (as usual) from square one; Slash the minimum wage.  Nowhere in the RLC statement will you find these words.  Ray is probably hoping you won’t be bothered to look.  Of course Buckley is not interested in wages based on merit or ability, he favors the socialists union-caste system of employment which keeps you dependent and unable to grow your wages through performance and excellence.

He is also hoping you’ll accept his interpretation of the other points based solely on his sterling history of veracity and integrity. (That’s sarcasm.)

Lets finish from the bottom of the list and move up. 

Shut down public education.  (huh?)  The RLC believes the Federal department of education serves no constitutional purpose.  They are correct. They would like to remove it, and return that authority, and all the billions wasted there, to the states and the people.  Jim has been supported by the RLCNH. The democrats position seems to be that there is no such thing as public education, prior to the creation of the DoE just a few decades ago, or that it cannot be called ‘public’ without one.

What you should ask yourself about this issue is this—is it public education if it comes from a panel of uninterested "experts" in far off Washington DC, (The DoE) or is it public education if it comes from the public, working with teachers and local administrators, in each of their own communities, at the local level?  I guess Ray’s candidate want’s top down DC mandates and less union control, Jim want’s you to control the money and the way your kids are educated.  I’d say Jim Forsythe wins on this one, Ray Buckley and his candidate lose.

For the record, Jim also supports vouchers and choices in local education, Ray Buckley supports DC central planning.  Ray Buckley and the democrats support the teachers unions not teachers or students, and certainly not the taxpayers who pay for education and whose children are being dumber down "progressively" by the federal system.

Jim will Eliminate Medicare, says RayCan a State Senator from New Hampshire do this?  That’s quite a stretch.  No, they can’t.  But they can work to reform the state level system and help wean us off federal dependency by making our end more efficient.  Democrats don’t want efficient, they want big bureaucracies filled with democrat union voters, wasting your tax dollars to create hordes of dependent citizens. 

Medicare is another top down, failed brain trust idea, that wastes billions annually on things that have nothing to do with health or care.  They do however give central planners power over you and your options. On it’s current course it will explode leaving nothing for anyone, and the states left with the bill.  Everyone knows this.  Ray Buckley and his democrats want to stay on that course simply so they can use it to scare you into voting for the same incompetents we have now.  Jim Forsythe want’s to work to fix what’s broken before we have no choice, and people really suffer from the folly of the lefts politicization of your care. 

Eliminate Social Security.  Again, how a State Senator from New Hampshire can do this is beyond me but lets play along.  Social security, like medicare, is doomed.  You can either follow the donkeys ass to your own inevitable retirement demise–complete state control on the same failed and bankrupt model of top down dependency, or you can accept that it won’t be there and try something more dynamic than "the government will take care of it."  No one is trying to dissolve it completely, but only Republican’s are trying to offer solutions that provide you with more choices and some ability to control your own destiny.  Put simply, Jim trusts you to make decisions that are right for you, Ray Buckley wants the boobs in DC to have sole command over your future.   

Take Away Women’s Rights. Ray Buckley has no other use for women than as a tool to gain power and votes so this should immediately make you suspicious.  Besides, the only women that democrats think deserve "rights" are democrat women, and only then if they vote for democrats and abort babies.  Any other woman is tossed to the curb (dare I say?) like a two-dollar whore; verbally abused, called stupid, investigated, trashed in the press, intimidated, minimized, wished rape and death upon, and so on, to applause and accolades by the hypocrites who claim to support women or rights. So Democrats only use abortion–what they mean by women’s rights–as a tool to get the vagina vote.  This complete lack of parity or integrity invalidates any notion Ray Buckley has about women or rights, not that he or his party cares about either.

And that’s all he’s got. It says nothing of the qualities and goals of his own candidate except that they want medicare and social security to fail, disparage women who disagree with their narrow agenda, want nationalized education instead of local public control by parents and educators, and would rather scare you than stand on those policies because they know that being honest about their goals will only cost them the election.

I think that’s a foregone conclusion however.  Vote Jim Forsythe for State Senate.