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Yahoo! Life: Whiteness is a Pandemic

This is the sort of thing that results from failed public schools. A Yahoo! Life writer calls whiteness a pandemic that shortens life-expectancies, pollutes the air and constrains equilibrium.

The Party of Biden or The Party of Washington

The Democrat Party Is Schizophrenic

Democrats today appear schizophrenic. On the one hand, there are a minority of traditional Democrats. They embrace things like the Martin Luther King approach to race. The traditional nuclear family is important to them. They hold close their religious views which are largely Judeo-Christian.

Carlos Cardona is a Shameless Liar

So back in March, I posted LOCK HIM UP – Carlos Cardona Should Be Incarcerated, which mocked Democrats in general and Cardona in particular for treating biological sex as an artificial construct. More specifically, I seized upon a tweet by Cardona calling Julian Castro the “only Latino running” and went on an obviously tongue-in-cheek rant …

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