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Rasmussen: Trump’s Approval Rises After Capitol Hill Calamity

The Media’s new irresponsible riot narrative is having difficulty sticking outside the ruling class dojos in DC. That might be because the summer of riots was nothing like that. As minority businesses burned and cities lost control, Democrats who were egging them on got, not condemnation, but air-time to do more of the same.

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Chris Pappas and Annie Kuster Want DC Admitted as a State

Both Chris “get rid of Live Free and Die” Pappas and Annie “I’m AOC’s BFF” Kuster wants DC admitted as a State – contra the US Constitution. But DC is not a State. At least not now. But the Dems want it BAD and they want it now.

Mob Mentality in America

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be ashamed. Last night, a mob aggressively harassed multiple members of the GOP, as they were leaving the RNC event in Washington, DC. One such act was committed against Hillsborough County GOP Chair, Chris Ager.  He and another delegate innocently exited the venue, not aware that a mob was …

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