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Ask a Democrat About Open Borders in a Coronavirus World

Most of America is not all-in on this open-borders quid-pro-quo. Your money (welfare, food stamps, housing) in exchange for votes for Democrats. But let’s put that problem aside for a moment. The borderless utopia doesn’t just allow drugs and gangs and potential Democrat constituents into the country.

Police officer police protection

“Atlanta PD Will No Longer Chase Criminals if They Flee From Cops”

Let’s see, we’ve got multiple Democrat States with Democrat Attorney Generals stating that they are no longer going to prosecute low level crimes (e.g., urinating or defecating in public, drug usage in public ways, retail “shrinkage” up to $1,000, squatting on other peoples’ property, ignoring low level drug dealers) – that’s just a license to …

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Homelessness Declines in New Hampshire Despite Democrat Run Cities

One of those nutty gun-grabbing leftists was heard to note on social media recently that the number of gun deaths in New Hampshire went up last year. She left out a critical point. Yes, primarily in Democrat-run cities. The same places that are responsible for the majority of violent crime across the US.