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Karen Testerman For Governor

Personal Endorsement: Karen Testerman for Governor

Chalk me up as supporting Karen Testerman for Governor. Seems like I have known her forever. Lots of people run for office. I meet them every election cycle. Some are for real many just show up out of nowhere and ask for your support.

gibson_cop Carl Robert Gibson

Catch and Release

As NH citizens watch the most recent leftist riots in Democrat cities, since the most recent video showing a white police officer abusing a black suspect, people seem puzzled by the rapid escalation of the violence and looting.

Clean-Elections3 Vote Fraud

Vote Integrity Requires Accurate Voting Rolls

Judicial Watch works on many important issues of government for us, the American people. One of the most important things they have been doing is to continue to force states and counties across the nation to comply with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA).

Gov. Chris Sununu

New Hampshire’s Bi-Partisan Usurpation of Local Control

Michael Kitch’s November 22, 2019 article in the NH Business Review; “Taking on NH’s housing ‘crisis’ – Task force’s recommendations ‘a long time coming’” praises the Governor’s new plan to manage housing in NH. The plan is not an enhancement of local control, but a gross usurpation of it.

CNHT Picnic – Andy Martin

I have to give props to Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition for NH Taxpayers.  Pretty much anyone that asks gets to speak to the crowd either trying to convince the activists to either vote for them (or help them!) or to advocate for their cause (and a whole lot of them coming up soon). Andy …

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