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CNHT Picnic – Closing Remarks and Beatboxing


All good things come to an end and so did the Picnic, so here are the QUICK closing remarks:

A self-serving note, if I might.  Because of a very generous donor, we’ve been able to refresh and expand all of our technologies – including our new PA system which Ed references above.

I think this covers it (emphasis mine for this quote):

It is a Bose L1 Compact Linear Array system – a PA (Public Address) system.  I can’t tell you how often folks have asked if GraniteGrok could cover their event AND “do you have a PA system that you could bring?”.  Now, we can bring it!  Sized to handle small to medium sized venue with about 100-150 people, we’re now self-contained. We’ve done video for years and now we can do the audio. Not only that, but if the need (and the finances as well), we can lash another one to it to service larger venues and number of attendees. And oh, btw?  It only weighs 24 pounds!

And “bring it” we did.  For those of you who have been at a well to extremely well attended CNHT Picnic, you know that most people would talk with their friends with whom they see seldom – who cared about the speakers because there was never a PA system that could get their message further than the first row of seats in front of the stage.  This year?

People listened.  Not to their friends – the speakers.  This puppy was easily able to cut through all the noise and deliver the messages.  The clarity of the speech you heard on the videos was just about the same at the bar area of the hall (and those of you who have been there know how far that is in a rather “noisy” room acoustically (forget about the people yakking).

And GraniteGrok will be happy to bring it to other venues as well.

Well, because it works – as Josh Moore showed us all by closing out the Picnic with a quick beatbox demo: