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Portsmouth Bans Styrofoam?

New Hampshire is a Dillon Rule State, not a Home Rule one.  This means, only the legislature can pass laws, unless they’ve passed a law the ‘enables’ municipalities to create their own.  These must be specific enabling statutes, such as the one that enables planning boards. RSA 673:1 –  “I. Any local legislative body may …

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Penacook is Ready for MillerTime

On November 5th, the Village of Penacook needs a changing of the guard on the city council.  With Penacook paying the 7th highest tax rate in the state, it positively deserves a councilor devoting his full attention right here, and only here.  Kevin Miller is ready to care for Penacook.

Zandra Rice Hawkins

Zandra Rice Hawkins is Running for the Concord City Council

Zandra Rice Hawkins is running for the Concord City Council. Who is she? Follow this link for our archive on the left-wing founding executive director of out-of-state funded Granite State Progress. Her shadow has graced New Hampshire’s political door for many moons. Now she has tossed her hat into the ring for public office. Seems …

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