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Zandra Rice Hawkins is Running for the Concord City Council

Zandra Rice Hawkins

Zandra Rice Hawkins is running for the Concord City Council. Who is she? Follow this link for our archive on the left-wing founding executive director of out-of-state funded Granite State Progress. Her shadow has graced New Hampshire’s political door for many moons. Now she has tossed her hat into the ring for public office.

Seems like a natural step. From telling people what to do to telling people what to do with the force of law. From spending other people’s money to express your far left-political views to spending other people’s money to enforce them.

Here’s the news clip from the Monitor. Hat tip to the reader who gave me the heads up. You know who you are.

Special election sign-ups

Sign-ups for two vacant City Council seats opened on Friday, and the races are already drawing attraction.

Contestants for the Ward 10 seat vacated by Daniel St. Hilaire so far include two people who have never run for public office before.

Zandra Rice Hawkins, of Edward Drive, the founding executive director of Granite State Progress, is a familiar face to those who frequent the State House.

Joe Shoemaker, of Groton Drive, has also thrown his hat into the ring. He is currently the director of the state’s Office of Professional Licensure & Certification.

Residents will remember David Sky, of Appleton Street, a Complete Streets advocate and former Bernie Sanders campaigner who challenged St. Hilaire for the spot in 2017.

So far, current Ward 4 Council Byron Champlin, who announced his intent to run for the spot last month, has no competitors.

Residents have until Jan. 14 to file for office. The election will take place in March.