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Penacook is Ready for MillerTime


On November 5th, the Village of Penacook needs a changing of the guard on the city council.  With Penacook paying the 7th highest tax rate in the state, it positively deserves a councilor devoting his full attention right here, and only here.  Kevin Miller is ready to care for Penacook.

Kevin’s nickname since childhood is MillerTime. It represents all the best Americana traits of yesterday and today. He served our country from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli. He works 12-hour days at AutoZone to keep your car running.  He enjoys adventurous trips with his wife and daughter. Kevin barbecues with friends. He sips a beer with Governor Sununu at the Snowshoe Club. Best of all, he’s honest, cheerful, and loves people!

The Concord city council needs a Republican (actually it needs five Republicans) to provide balance and a true representation of the American will. It’s time to bring common sense to the Concord city council.  On November 5th, please go to the Immaculate Conception church at 9 Bonny Street between 7 AM and 7 PM to vote for MillerTime.  Say hello, shake hands, look people in the eyes, and say, “Let’s take care of Penacook for real!”

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