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Democrats Out to Kill Charter Schools

We have just ended Joint Fiscal Committee meeting of the New Hampshire Legislature. The most controversial item was a Federal Education Grant of 46 million dollars over 5 years, for improving and adding new charter schools. The first installment to be voted on was 11 million dollars.

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Joe Biden’s Promise to Defund Charter Schools

America is beginning to see a clearer picture of what Biden’s America would look like. Going to Leftist policies means less choice, and it certainly means higher taxes. We’ll pay more and get less. But we will all be the same whether we are or aren’t.

Schools as Institutional racism

Opposing School Choice Supports Systemic Racism

There was a time when the Democratic Party worked to prosper working people. Today, in New Hampshire and around the country, they oppose allowing tax dollars of working parents to follow their children to achieve the best possible educational environment for their children.

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Statement of Commissioner Frank Edelblut: Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee denies 120 NH students education choice

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 10, 2020 Contact: Grant Bosse (603) 271-0448 office (603) 513-3030 cell Statement of Commissioner Frank Edelblut CONCORD- Following today’s party-line vote of the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee to keep a $46 million charter school replication grant on the table, Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut issued the following statement: “I remain disappointed that …

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Charter schools: Red herrings

In a recent editorial about how school choice and charter schools ‘put public school funding at risk’, Donald Cohen waves three red herrings, hoping to distract you from the real issues at hand.  They come up a lot, so they’re worth looking at more closely.


Op-ed: “We’re not giving up on charter schools”

On Friday, hundreds of public charter school students who traveled to Concord learned a harsh lesson about the legislative process. They learned that sometimes partisan politics gets in the way of bipartisan problem solving. They came to the Legislative Fiscal Committee asking lawmakers to accept the first round of a $46 million federal grant to …

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Fiscal Committee Rejects Federal Grant

On Friday the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committee voted along party lines to reject $10.1 million, the first-year portion, of the $46 million federal grant intended to expand and replicate successful chartered public schools to support at-risk students. Students from several charter public school packed the committee room and flooded the hallway. In August the grant …

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The $46 Million Free Lunch

The first thing to understand about charter schools is that reasonable people disagree about whether the outcomes from charter schools are significantly better than those from regular public schools.  (And by ‘outcomes’, I don’t mean just final scores.  I mean improvements.  Schools that have students who would do well under any circumstances don’t deserve any …

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