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Opposing School Choice Supports Systemic Racism

Schools as Institutional racism

There was a time when the Democratic Party worked to prosper working people. Today, in New Hampshire and around the country, they oppose allowing tax dollars of working parents to follow their children to achieve the best possible educational environment for their children.

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The one size fits all public-school system does not work for all children. High-income earners can pay for private school tuition, but lower-income parents need to have their tax dollars follow their children (i.e.) school choice.

The education establishment and the Democratic Party are protecting the institution and not allowing parents to use their tax dollars to send their children to a school that parents decide is best for their children’s needs. Democrats even want to repeal the business tax credit for making donations to school choice programs. If we are going to move toward racial equality and prosperity for people of color, we need to support parents in deciding what educational environment is best for their children. Unfortunately, the education establishment has an elitist attitude. They do not believe that parents can make the best choice for their children.

Charter schools and private schools offer programs that help children achieve a path to prosperity that public schools cannot always provide. The intercity school system is proof that non-public schools can be more effective.

I urge the Democratic Party to put parents and children first and support school choice initiatives in New Hampshire to decrease systemic racism in New Hampshire.