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Democrats Out to Kill Charter Schools


We have just ended Joint Fiscal Committee meeting of the New Hampshire Legislature. The most controversial item was a Federal Education Grant of 46 million dollars over 5 years, for improving and adding new charter schools. The first installment to be voted on was 11 million dollars.

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These are dollars that we in New Hampshire paid in Income Tax.

We have now had six votes on accepting this money. The results are always the same. The seven Democrats always vote against accepting the grant or even considering it. The three Republicans always vote to accept the grant. Some of these Democrats have these charter schools in their districts and still vote NO.

The Democrats are slaves to the Teachers Union which does not want New Hampshire parents to have any choice in their children’s education. That choice might show how inefficient our public education system is, and how badly that union has misused it. We Republicans are always for education choice.

Charter Schools are the laboratories for innovation, which we badly need to keep up with the rest of the world. We are unfortunate to have a legislature where the Democrats have the majority in both the House and the Senate. If voters want our state to improve the education of our children, then those voters should vote for Republican Representatives and Senators.

Rep. Kenneth L. Weyler
23 Scotland Road
Kingston, NH 03848