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If NH is Too White Why Did Dem’s Reject Money for a Program That Attracts Minorities?

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Democrats say that New Hampshire is too white. There isn’t enough color. They also believe that the government can fix it. Probably not. But when the chance arose for the government to do something that attracts minorities, they chose to vote against it.

How can that be? Why would Democrats ignore an opportunity to attract people of color to the Granite State? Because as you’ll have grown tired of hearing the top of the Left’s hierarchy of needs is political power. Every decision advances that goal at the expense of all else.

Women, gays, minorities, workers, you are just bodies stacked high, so they reach their goal.

Show me the Money

A few weeks ago, the Democrats, who hold a legislative majority in the New Hampshire legislature, had the opportunity to do something they love; accept tens of millions of federal dollars. “Free” dollars. Roughly 46.5 million of them. But they were charter schools. They said no.

Charter schools, like families and free thinkers, create self-reliance, and Statists can’t abide by that. Every child is entitled to a dumbed-down-propagandist-union-run indoctrination in a government factory school monopoly. Teachers unions recycle billions in taxpayer dollars (salaries to dues to donations) into Democrat campaigns. So, while 46 million in “free money” is hard to resist, union power is not.

They voted to reject the money.

Minorities are strong supporters of charter schools.

“…this year, in a major shift, the leading Democratic candidates are backing away from charter schools, and siding with the teachers’ unions that oppose their expansion. And that has left some black and Latino families feeling betrayed.

“As a single mom with two jobs and five hustles, I’m just feeling kind of desperate,” said Sonia Tyler, who plans to enroll her children in a charter school slated to open next fall in a suburb of Atlanta. “They’re brilliant; they’re curious. It’s not fair. Why shouldn’t I have a choice?”

Because Democrats prefer the warm embrace of power (in this example, unions) over minorities, but I’ve been saying that for years. And New Hampshire Democrats, New Hampshire is too white as if the State has the power to change it, just rejected something extremely important to minority families.

Charter Schools.

Richard Buery, the chief of policy at KIPP, the nation’s largest charter network, called the Democratic shift “a reflection more broadly of the lack of respect for black voters in the party.”

“These are folks that should be champions of black children and allies of black educators,” said Mr. Buery, a Democrat.

But that’s not surprising. If you look closely enough everything they do puts power and politics before people regardless of race, sex, gender, occupation, or anything else. The solution to that is to stop voting for them.

You will always take a back seat to their one true love, power.

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