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Graph Data Data point

Data Point – “The Rot in Higher Education”

Sadly, even this chart shows it. The Left is beginning to go after those subjects that have been presumed “objective” when compared to the “soft” departments where “feelings” seem to count more than Right Answer / Wrong Answer:


Liberty and Justice for All; A Statement of Reaffirmation

The Corner (at National Review) has a serious post that I consider to be an opening shot against the Marxism that has taken hold in Academia. That, in the last two or three years, has burst out of that bubble in screams of Totalitarianism, Safetyism, and Presentism.

Narratives or facts and truth

Narratives or Facts and Truth

Narratives or facts and truth; what’s the difference? The news media are projecting a “narrative”. The fact news people are doing narratives, that the word is part of the lexicon conveys a message. We are in trouble.

Conservatism Comes From Our Belief About Human Nature

Conservatism Comes From Our Belief About Human Nature

Conservatism comes from our belief about human nature. Conservatism has been and continues to be extremely vilified by the media and academia. The participants in those occupations, media and academia, are generally speaking leftists. How much more leftist are they than conservative?

Like I have been saying for years…

Socialism arrived on our shores because of American “scholars” that wanted to show others that they were smarter than our Founders… …in that putting the State above Individuals was such a hot idea.  Problem is, its a REGRESSIVE idea; its been the manner and worldview of totalitarianism for since time began – the small elite …

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