To the Modern Left, Even the Meme Cannot Meme What it Thinks it Memes - Granite Grok

To the Modern Left, Even the Meme Cannot Meme What it Thinks it Memes

I do not think it mens what you think it means

The left is a funny lot, and I don’t mean Ha-Ha funny. They invent these terms like ‘hate speech,’ and hate crimes,’ all while promoting the postmodern deconstructionism required to justify identity politics and the gender spectrum.

At the simplest level, it works like this. Everything is biased by our own life circumstances therefore nothing is what we think it is. Not science, not history, not ideology, nor religions, not words, language, their meanings, or even (yes!) gender.

It is all driven by social and political interests and as such turns the entire world into a meme.

I do not think it mens what you think it means

What’s worse is that even the meme cannot meme what it thinks it memes.

Which memes, I mean, means – that the academics who invented these concepts are projecting their own life circumstances and bias (their social and political interests) can be ignored as nothing more than a bunch of the egg-headed little *******!

(Use your social and political interest to fill in the asterisks, not that the word you “see” will mean anything to anyone else because it can’t.)

If only it were that easy

Typical of the left, to paraphrase Dr. Michael Rectenwald, academic leftists find it impossible to believe that the same is true for Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Postmodernism, and all the rest of it. In other words, everything you believe is a flawed product of your inherent bias; but they are seeing the world as it is even though that contradicts all their theories.

It’s a circular firing squad.

If they are right about any of it, they are wrong about all of it. Their own thesis destroys their thesis. Every bit of the gender spectrum voodoo and identity politics has to be false because it can’t exist without being a projection of social or political interest. The entire postmodern brain fart is by its creator’s own thesis, just as much rubbish as all the other rubbish.

Climate change cannot possibly be real in any of its projections for or against because there is no separation between the theory as science or politics. Deniers aren’t deniers and non-deniers are – or are they?

So, there can’t be such thing as hate speech or hate crimes because the basis for them is a third-party perception of intent projected on a separate being whose consciousness you cannot possibly know or understand. So, when Mayor Surge Bloomberg, who is suddenly leading in Nevada, says, “I will label hate crimes as “domestic terrorism” — and charge perpetrators accordingly,” he has more problems than he can shake a postmodern critical theory stick at.

Sure, I know that was a preposition at the end of that sentence but that’s not really a preposition now, is it? And stop changing the subject. Because for all intents and purposes Little Mikey saying that is a hate crime and you should be locked up, is meaningless in every context but his own which could be patriarchal white privilege even though that can’t possibly exist either.

To call it a Dumpster fire would be kind.

But there is still a segment of America that wants to entrust these people with political power, which I assure you will be very real once they have it. And if that isn’t enough motivation to vote for anyone but a Democrat then you might want to have your head examined, not that you can trust the diagnosis.