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Through the Eyes of a Refugee from California: Biden Is Firing Our Healthcare System

Biden blame the unvaxed

A young nurse sits quietly in her kitchen… in the dark… in the early morning hours of what used to be one of her many workdays. She worked very hard to become a nurse; she put herself through a very good college, earning her four-year degree in record time.

Then, she got herself into a well-known and respected nursing school.

It was her dream to work for what she thought was the finest hospital in the United States. But first, she needed experience. She worked for two years at a smaller, regional hospital as a cardiac ICU nurse- all the while working towards her dream job. Then, finally, it happened. She was accepted to be a cardiac ICU nurse in one of the most respected hospitals in Boston, MA.

At first, she worked on cardiac patients, well within her training. Then, the COVID pandemic hit. She got the news that her department would no longer care for the specialty cardiac demographic but would instead be a designated COVID ICU. She became one of those “frontline heroes” we all read about.

I watched as this very upbeat, happy, and joyful human being turned into a young lady who now rarely smiled. She ended up caring for hundreds of COVID patients- all of them headed for death’s door. She soon learned that if a patient was placed on a ventilator, there would hardly be hope for their survival.

She also soon learned that due to quarantine and hospital policy, these patients would also never see their loved ones, even in their final moments. She learned that the only human touch- the only human love- any of them would feel was from their nurses and inpatient caregivers. She found herself holding their hands as they lay alone, dying.

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I remember one very distressing night when this young nurse was uncontrollably crying. One of her elderly patients was approaching her 50th wedding anniversary. She was not only suffering from the effects of COVID but also ICU delirium. She insisted that her husband would be coming to visit her.

The young nurse knew that this was, in fact, not the case. Nevertheless, she helped the elderly lady wash and curl her hair, fix her makeup, and put out a picture of her husband- this all in anticipation for a visit that the young nurse knew would never happen.

The woman had a stroke and died that very night, with no husband there. It was only the warm embrace of a young nurse whose entire career seemed to be on hold that night, as she refused to be clinical and insisted upon being the face of love.

Now, she sits, after caring for hundreds of COVID patients, after endless hours of PPE, of watching hundreds die, giving the last full measure she could muster daily- watching her scrubs tumble in the dryer. She realized that the scrubs she was cleaning would not be worn again.

“… Biden… Fauci… Sununu… all of them . . . they fired me”

Across town, another young nurse (also marine veteran, and single mother) reads through the letter that she and the entire staff at Elliot hospital just received:


David Werner The Elliot Page 1


David Werner The Elliot Page 2


She focuses on the key phrase:

“We now join . . . Dartmouth Hitchcock, Catholic Medical Center, St. Joseph Hospital . . . in moving forward with the mandate, as it is required for our ability to care for Medicare and Medicaid patients (Per CMS requirements) . . .”

In bold letters, this message ends:

“ . . .If an employee chooses not to be vaccinated. . . they are choosing to end their employment with the organization, and the termination process begins . . .”

She also learns that the hospital is expecting a substantial number of “separations” and is offering a $10,000 retention bonus to full-time staff who remain a $5,000 bonus for part-time staff, and a $2500 bonus for per diem staff. Over 500 employees tuned into this informational town hall.

The prior weekend, Elliot had announced that its emergency room had no staff, therefore entering a code diversion, meaning that all ambulances are diverted to other facilities. St Joseph’s ER concurrently had only one doctor and two nurses in total, with several floors also announcing closures due to staffing.

This young nurse, like the previously mentioned nurse, has treated large numbers of COVID patients. She had also seen a great deal- including what the vaccines do to people. Specifically, the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System reports more than 16,000 people dying of the vaccine and admits that the real number is anywhere from ten to forty times that official number.

That is nearly half a million deaths to date. Moreover, the VAERS system also lists nearly one million with adverse reactions, again with the same multiplying factor.

Both young nurses qualify by anyone’s standards as experts on the COVID disease, the ventilator “death sentences”, and the very horrifying results of the vaccines themselves. How many COVID care facilities have Biden or Fauci set foot in?

I remember one of the nurses telling me of a young, healthy, and athletic teenage boy who came in with myocarditis post-vaccination. He, unfortunately, will never play football again. Was Fauci, Biden, or Sununu anywhere nearby as this young man received such awful news? His nurse, however, remained with him until he left the hospital. . . and she remains with him today, praying for him always.

The two nurses will tell you, “I don’t deserve this, I earned my job. I gave my all, I’ve watched these vaccines kill” . . . “Please don’t fire me, I have young children at home”.

Bidens response? You are fired.

Fauci’s response? You are fired.

Sununu’s response? . . .

Here is a letter from one of the nurses of New Hampshire whose job is being threatened due to this mandate:


Governor Sununu, Senator Kevin Avardand, and State Representatives Keith Ammon and Sue Homola,

Declining to be vaccinated against Covid-19 is much more than asserting autonomy over our bodies and practicing our entitled right to accept or decline medical procedures that we do not deem necessary or safe for ourselves. Patients that we care for have the right to decline or accept treatments and procedures, they have the right to consent or refuse. As a registered nurse working in an inpatient hospital, I have not been given the right to decline the Covid-19 vaccine in order to maintain my employment. This is despite it having had no effect on my ability to provide safe and effective nursing care to my patients.

I have been caring for Covid+ patients since April 2020, long before it felt we even knew what we were dealing with. I first worked in a nursing facility that was unfortunately unprepared and far in over their heads, as I would imagine we all were. We reused our N-95 masks for one week at a time as we were instructed to, bagging them in brown paper bags at the end of every shift. We made gowns out of trash bags and sewed more from old linens, neither of which was considered “proper PPE”. I was exposed, and I have now been exposed for almost two years. I was never officially diagnosed with Covid-19, although I imagine that I have some form of natural immunity after all this time.

In the summer of 2021 when we were first warned of the possibility of a mandate, I suggested to my management that an alternative could be testing for natural immunity. I was told “well that may be an option”, and I never heard about it again.

Elliot Hospital has announced that the vaccine mandate is a condition of employment, and that by refusing to comply with this mandate, we are “choosing to end our employment” with them. We have been tricked, and that’s exactly what it feels like. I have not “chosen” this, they have chosen this because the federal government has chosen this. When I signed my contract with Elliot Hospital, I did not sign it consenting to take the Covid vaccines, and I don’t believe I would have if I knew that’s what I was signing.

We were offered the vaccines beginning in January of 2020, long before it was available to most age and high-risk groups. They were reserved for “essential personnel”. We had a choice then. We watched our coworkers have adverse reactions, some requiring care in the emergency department, and many calling out sick – using our paid time off to make up for it. They told us to “try to schedule it when you know you have a few days off afterwards”, that way management wouldn’t be burdened with the call-outs and short staffing. So many of us spent days off in between shifts with fevers, chills, swollen and rashed arms or chest pain.

The argument of “well the flu shot is mandated to work here”, is interesting to me. The flu shot has been continuously reformulated and developed, first gaining FDA approval in 1945. It is standardized and widely known and trusted to be safe and effective – of course people are entitled to their opinions about this. I find the flu shot to be completely separate and irrelevant to this argument.

I’m watching my friends and peers having their religious and medical exemptions denied, often without any explanation. Just simply “denied”, with the assumption that they just were not convincing enough?

I have also heard many versions of “I wouldn’t want an unvaccinated nurse or doctor to take care of me anyways”. I mostly find this interesting because I simply cannot understand how a nurse or doctor who has worked in the hospital, seen the adverse reactions, and then come to the conclusion that it MAY NOT BE SAFE… Is discredited and then now considered disqualified from providing safe and effective medical care.

The healthcare field is not only losing employees to care for you and your loved ones, it is most importantly losing EXPERIENCE. Experience cannot be replaced. Each day working in the medical field is completely different and challenging in it’s own way, that is what experience is.

If you agree with this mandate and agree that it is just to FIRE medical staff for their decision to maintain autonomy over their own bodies, please be prepared for the outcome.

A concerned New Hampshire resident and Registered Nurse

Biden bypassed congress, bypassed the filibuster, and avoided litigation and fired the good and decent first responder heroes through his use of power to control the country through contract.

The statistics I have seen reflect the following:

  • Medicare paid out nearly one trillion dollars in 2020 to over 50,000 facilities
  • There are over 60 million senior citizens on Medicare- when they need routine preventative care, get sick, or need surgery- Medicare pays.

As a result, those 50,000 facilities receive a great deal of their operating budget from Medicare. It is a reasonable conclusion to believe that without Medicare payments, many a hospital, medical practice, or ambulance service would go bankrupt. This gives Medicare an enormous amount of power over the system.

For my purpose, here is the important part:

For a facility to be paid to care for a Medicare insured, the facility must receive a certain approval status within the Medicare system. If you go to the Medicare website, you will find references to this process. Specifically, look- if you go- for a section called Conditions For Participation – or, COP.


David Warner Countdown to CoP


What it says is that if a facility submits a bill for care to a Medicare-insured senior citizen, it must comply with each of the conditions that the Center for Medicare/Medicaid system (CMS) has created. The number of conditions is enormous, filling many binders.

I have been present in hospitals where Medicare/Medicaid audits have ensued. It took a week; the CMS inspection team went over each one of their requirements. Hospital leadership and staff “sweat bullets” because they knew that if there were not in compliance with every aspect of CMS requirement, they would lose their status. Keep in mind, this is all contractual. No one forces a hospital to take Medicare, however, rare would you find a hospital that refuses, as there is too much money to involved.

So, along comes Fauci, Biden, and their entire team of intellects, asking: “How can we impose a vaccine mandate on the free world?”. As known, federal workers have already been mandated. Specifically, it is estimated that roughly half of all jobs in New Hampshire are subject to the federal vaccine mandate as contractors.

“Hey guys, let’s do our frontline COVID heroes- all the doctors and nurses that treated all these COVID patients against the virus we created and paid for in the Wuhan lab”

“Hey, Joe . . .Joe . . . Hey wake up Joe . . . Aw, let him sleep. Let’s just tell him what he did after we do it”.

And following the same power to impose vaccine mandates on federal contractors (which will impose vaccine mandates on an estimated 100 million people), he issued his guidance on September 9, 2021, under the title of the “President’s Plan for the Pandemic”. In it, he announced that CMS will issue an order, adding the requirement that all 50,000 hospitals, convalescent homes and ambulatory facilities shall require that all employees be vaccinated with any of the three jabs . . . and they have been given an extremely short leash to do so. Specifically, they were advised by CMS months ago that this was to come, and CMS told them to start enforcing it ASAP- even before said mandate. If you go to the CMS website, it states:

“Conditions of participation, conditions that health care organizations . . . must meet to begin or continue participating in . . . Medicare. . . Medicaid”.

On its website,, states on September 9, 2021:

“The . . CMS . . .and the . . .CDC . . . announced today that emergency regulations requiring vaccinations for nursing home workers will be expanded to include hospitals, dialysis facilities, ambulatory care settings, and home health agencies . . . for participating in . . . Medicare. . . and Medicaid”.

And so, the young nurses are fired. Funny – they don’t want to be fired. Even funnier, Elliot said that by refusing the vaccination, they are voluntarily terminating their employment. Hmm, no, they are not. They want to work! They are not sick. They have no infected anyone. More importantly, they are American citizens who have the right to control their own bodies.

And Sununu’s response is . . .?

NH Governor Chris Sununu quizzical