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Inaction is Action

The Supreme Court’s failure to issue a decision on the Biden Administrations’ unconstitutional vaccine mandate yesterday is bad for every American regardless of which political side you sit.

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The Ruling Class Virus

I encourage vaccination. The Wuhan virus, however, continues to be used as a political weapon and as a means of inflicting a form of Socialist/Marxist control over our citizens while the constitution and individual rights are ignored.

Belknap County NH

BCRC November Meeting – Resolution: Vaccine Mandate

This past Wednesday night was the November meeting of the Belknap County Republican Committee and was held at the Gilford Public Library. Per usual, there were the normal “reports” (not recorded).

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The Cognitive Dissonance Over The Vax

For a country that killed an entire generation in the womb but tells Adults to wear a mask or get vaccinated to “save lives” , your words are a joke and embarrassment.