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ACLU Lawyer Wants to Suppress Free Speech

Chase Strangio ACLU

On November 7, Abigail Shrier wrote about how activists are trying to cancel her book “Irreversible Damage.” Shrier’s book is about how girls in large numbers, suffering what has been called Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD), are becoming victims of social pressure to identify as boys and many are permanently damaging their bodies with testosterone and double mastectomies.

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Activists accuse Shrier of writing a book that is hateful towards gender-confused teens. Shrier’s response:

There is nothing hateful in suggesting that most teenagers are not in a good position to approve irreversible alterations to their bodies, particularly if they are suffering from trauma, OCD, depression, or any of the other mental-health problems that are comorbid with expressions of dysphoria. And yet, here we are.

On November 13, Chase Strangio, the ACLU’s Deputy Director for Transgender Justice, tweeted:

In response to Strangio’s tweets, Shrier told Fox News:

Well, I think it’s pretty clear that, in the fight ahead for free speech in America, we cannot rely on the ACLU.

Here in New Hampshire, the ACLU-NH lobbied for no-free-speech buffer zones outside abortion facilities.

Former ACLU-NH Trans Justice Organizer Palana Belken proudly burned his Harry Potter books because author JK Rowling spoke up in defense of women’s rights to their own spaces and sports.

The mission for the ACLU and its staff is changing from protecting civil rights to attacking civil rights.

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